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Raiders Player Damon Arnette Cut After Threatening to Kill People Online

Las Vegas Raiders Player Damon Arnette

In the latest edition of Ghetto Raiders Player Gone Wild, Las Vegas Raiders Player Damon Arnette was cut from the team this morning after video surfaced of the star player holding firearms while threatening to kill people.

The video featured Arnette brandishing three different kinds of guns … all while telling someone, “I swear to God I will kill you, Nigga, On everything I love, I will kill you Nigga.  You talking crazy.” Arnette repeated several more times in the video that he would “real deal kill you, my Nigga.”

On Monday, Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock told reporters the decision to waive Arnette was “very painful.”

“We cannot stand for the video of Damon with a gun threatening to take a life,” Mayock said.

“Today we waived Damon Arnette,” said Mayock. “Very painful decision. We spent significant time, effort, and resources trying to help him in all facets of his life. There have been a series of bad decisions over the last year or so, but we can’t stand, we can not stand the video of Damon with a gun threatening to take a life. The content was unacceptable, contrary to our values, and our owner Mark Davis has been very clear and very consistent that this is not how we will conduct ourselves in this community. The bottom line; the Raiders will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Mayock noted that there were character concerns about Arnette when he was entering the league, saying the club spent significant time trying to understand his behavior. But when drafting him, the Raiders felt like they would be a good fit for the young corner. Mayock said he’s sick to his stomach about Arnette.

“Yeah, there was significant concern. And most of the teams around the league were very aware of it,” Mayock replied. “We spent an awful lot of time trying to understand his behavior. And really what kind of tilted everything in the direction of ‘ok, let’s go ahead and draft him’ was that we knew that coaching staff pretty well, we knew what they had asked him to do his last year at Ohio State, they felt very strongly that they knew who we had on our staff and that we’d be able to work with this young man. And not only help him on the football field, but help him in his life. Obviously in hindsight we weren’t able to do it. I know a lot of people, including myself, we were all concerned about this. But we at the time thought it was an acceptable risk. But obviously it’s painful on all levels.”

“We found the risk acceptable after doing more homework on Arnette than anybody we’ve done in the years I’ve been here,” Mayock added. “And obviously we missed. And that is 100% on me.”

The video really shouldn’t be a shocker, the entire team is filled with criminals and people who should be in prison instead of being paid millions to catch a ball. In fact, the raiders have known this guy was a loose cannon for some time.

In his first year in the NFL, Arnette crashed four rental cars within roughly a month.

Just days after another Raiders player killed a woman while driving 152MPH while drunk out of his mind, we learned that Arnette was accused of injuring a woman in a violent car crash last year. In a recently filed lawsuit, the woman claims that Arnette slammed into her car with his vehicle at around 7:29 AM in Las Vegas. The woman claims that after he slammed into her, Arnette “illegally left the scene of the crash” afterward and headed toward the Raiders’ headquarters just feet away.

Of course, since he is rich and famous the incident was covered up and he was never charged with fleeing the scene.  In another incident, Arnette was accused of spitting on a valet worker at the Aria Hotel & Casino in Vegas.

The news comes as Raiders star wide receiver Henry Ruggs III killed a woman while driving drunk in Las Vegas.

The Raiders Robbed Las Vegas In America’s Worst Stadium Deal Now they Want More of Your Money!

At $750 million in taxpayer dollars, the boondoggle of a deal was the largest direct public subsidy for a stadium ever granted, and Clark County is now struggling to pay the bill thanks to the Sisolak shutdowns that pretty much killed room tax revenue.

Keep in mind, our local politicians were so fucking stupid – and give so little care to the concerns of locals – that on top of saddling us with stadium debt, they also forfeited the right to collect any rent, solicit property taxes, or collect additional revenue streams from the stadium they spent three-quarters of a billion dollars to build.

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