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Raiders Owner attempting to make BLM activist Colin Kaepernick a Las Vegas Raider.

VEGAS NFL DRAFT: Raiders Owner Mark Davis who stole millions in tax payer money for stadium that he used to help Sisolak ban unvaccinated, said today that he wants to make Anti-American BLM activist Colin Kaepernick a Las Vegas Raider.

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis was busy telling everyone how he is working on a plan to make BLM activist Colin Kaepernick a Las Vegas Raider.

This morning, while at the NFL draft in Las Vegas, democrat operative and Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis was busy telling everyone how he is working on a plan to make BLM activist Colin Kaepernick a Las Vegas Raider.

“I believe in Colin Kaepernick,” said Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis last night in an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area. “He deserves every chance in the world to become a quarterback in the National Football League. I still stand by it. If our coaches and general manager want to bring him in or want him to be the quarterback on this team, I would welcome him with open arms.”

Bringing Kaepernick to Vegas should be no shock to anyone who has been watching what’s really going on. The Nevada Democrat party has used the team to do everything from push vaccine mandates to using them to steal millions in taxpayer dollars which have been used to promote Democrats throughout the state.

The Raiders Robbed Las Vegas In America’s Worst Stadium Deal Now they Want More of Your Money!

At $750 million in taxpayer dollars, the boondoggle of a deal was the largest direct public subsidy for a stadium ever granted. On top of stealing tax money to fund Davis’ move to Vegas, the county has had to pull millions of dollars from reserve funds to meet payments on the Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium — a stadium that banned unvaccinated taxpayers that helped build the stupid thing.

Even Bank of America knew the only way they would get paid was to screw Las Vegas residents!

It seems the State doesn’t want you to know that even before COVID, Bank of America was unsure the Raiders would ever be able to make a profit in Vegas and doubted they would draw the draw 451,000 new visitors every year that Nevada officials claimed.

Back in 2017, Roger Noll, Stanford economics professor emeritus, flat out rejected financial projections Nevada lawmakers used to pass the $750 funding bill. “It is a catenation of optimistic assumptions,” he said. “The probability that it could happen isn’t zero, but it is pretty close to zero.”

“Every single thing they made an assumption on has no prior experience anywhere else,” said Noll, director of the Program in Regulatory Policy in the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. “In defense of it, well this is different because this is Vegas, therefore, it must be true.” … “Why would they go with this phony-baloney stuff that Vegas is different. Why would they believe a half a million who would never visit Vegas would suddenly show up because there is a football stadium? It’s so far out there it is a puzzle.”

Of course, none of this was ever about making money, it was about helping Democrats stay in power and push their agenda on the State of Nevada. Unfortunately for Las Vegas, it has meant brining even more crime into our city, including a team filled with criminals who have wreaked havoc on our city.

In February, the push to bring more NFL events to Las Vegas resulted in a man being brutally beaten by multiple NFL players at the Cromwell. New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara was arrested for beating the hell out of someone at Drai’s nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip. Kamara was arrested for Felony Battery right after the Pro Bowl, which Las Vegas Metro Police allowed him to play before arresting him.

Since that report, it has been revealed that Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons was also involved in the brutal beating.

In January, Rookie Nate Hobbs was arrested on DUI Charges at the Cromwell Parking Garage. Hobbs’ arrest followed a long string of trouble for Las Vegas Raiders players. Just two months before, Hobbs’ former Raiders teammate, Henry Ruggs, was accused of driving drunk and slamming his Corvette into a local girl who was killed in the fiery impact. Ruggs was driving 156 mph with a blood alcohol content twice Nevada’s legal limit before his car slammed into the rear of a Rav4, killing 23-year-old Tina Tintor.

Just days after Ruggs killed the girl, his teammate Damon Arnette was cut from the team after a video surfaced of the player holding firearms while threatening to kill people.


  1. Wow ok that comment sucks a lot .. actually the story of my life “never black enough or white enough. Comments like “I mean the real black
    people.. not you.” – Liberals and “I mean the real black people not you.” – ultra conservative (not in the United States wholesome way like NASCAR or the rodeo) but scathing racist ones. And so I’ll I’ll chime in as a bi-racial woman since my multi heritage still isn’t acknowledged on my drivers license which is a disrespect to my mother and a wonderful heritage on both “sides”. As someone who still doesn’t have a box to acknowledge my identity and someone a bit pissed off that some folks have skipped the line with regards with what they do in the bedroom is an identity or purported stero-typical “female” things or “male” meaning that a little boy who rocks and sings to a baby doll but must be a “girl” trapped in a boys body and we need to free him…vs he is showing what a wonderful big brother, father, uncle, adoptive father, foster father or big brother or mentor. And by golly a girl who likes to play with Tonka trucks in the sand box and not Barbies and aspires to be an engineer, pilot or truck driver must be a boy.. let’s save her too by invalidating her female hood.. yeah womens righs are taking a back seat again. The big pharma approved as well as big corps. and government approved and educational entities following suit.

    So to get to the point, if anyone was paying attention… the actual Black Lives Matter organization was never about supporting the nuclear family in the black community, it was about uprooting the notion of nuclear and self proclaimed Marxist and slow clap… you did it. You fooled citizens, big corps and governments to the tune of how many millions? I lost track. The statement Black Lives Matter is a factual statement as well as every single human beings life matters. Black lives need to matter more to society and the black elected officials and to the community itself. I am a patriot and the daughter of a veteran who told me long ago that I have the right to sit during the pledge of allegiance at school. I don’t know much on the back story of Colins involvement with the actual organization of Black Lives Matter… I don’t know if there is one. The Black Lives Matter organization piggy backed on grief and trauma and it is wrong to now affiliate those that speak out against injustice with that slimy organization. Yes he kneeled but I’m sure willing to take a knee for injustice that keeps happening.. not like Pelosi in a kente cloth in that ridiculous and disrespectful display. I choose to stand for the one flag I hold allegiance too. That is our right as American citizens.

    The organization Black Lives Matter organization different from the chapters who were also robbed and stole so many opportunities and has put a stain on black or mixed black female led grassroots organizations. Slow clap one again for Patrice Cullors. And as you spoke recently on Vashon Island, WA which is in my birth place stomping grounds of Seattle, WA and say you were “triggered” by having to file a 990 after you’ve been collecting money for years and you are “traumatized” by having to follow the rules? I run an organization only 3 years old and we have our 990’s and it’s as simple as filling out a check register. If CCSD were not teaching down and mixing in a whole lot of social activism and taught kids about finance, civics and left neo-Marxism and politics out of the classroom having a 990 or even a business plan wouldn’t be so “triggering” or traumatizing for grifters.

    Your grift and organization are the flip side of the other grifters. I am and have been personally traumatized at having lost and never available financial grant opportunities for the Las Vegas Valley and the United States community we serve and I personally am and have been “triggered” by the corporations and nice citizens who didn’t know that you were not being transparent. Some of us will hold our integrity and it isn’t for sale.

    I’m also personally pissed at Zuckerberg who “shadow banned” my organization because we called for unity. Being a paid advertiser and zero human response sucked. Also thankful that Elon has got on board with Twitter and further amused that a new task force was developed in two days… 5th estate is really the only way for truth these days in this mass psychosis strait out of 1984… crazy thing it was written in the year 1949.

    Lastly not everyone who is black or an ethnic minority agrees with the teaching down approach that CCSD implemented months ago.. nor the sex Ed that was just approved last night and was attempted to be tabled by 3 trustees, yet it passed. A group is now approved to further provide indoctrination with inappropriate teachings mixed in with a whole lot of activism that has no place in tax payers funded public schools. We tried to write the SESA board but it passed. Nevadans, Las Vegas residents please pay attention and call things out before the new religion of wokeism infects further. Main stream news is crap and I would like to thank this website for being the only one in the entire US and locally that keeps my posts up. Thank you from Elise

    • Anyone with any questions on my opinions based on true life can reach out to me 702-972-0554 or 702-449-9788 my name is Elise Carey. Don’t text.. leave me a voice mail and rant all you want and I will call you back and hope we can come to a common ground and realize that we all an the same team. The media, politicians and special interests have been so skilled at dividing us further. I’ve personally been at this since 1975.

  2. Kapernack & Obama raised by white people- they seem to be doing OK. But if Obama was raised by black people would he have 6 mansions instead of 4?
    and a net worth of $500 million instead of $250 million?

    • question and can be interpreted in many ways.

      Let me do my best and not do a Kamala world salad answer..lots of pieces to your question which is so valid that I’ve had conversations on it. Very good questions.

      Info and then answers:

      My personal experience and opinion. Something happened in the late 1980’s and then the 1990’s where in primarily black communities were inundated with crack cocaine and gangs. Something happened and not sure what but it became a horrible thing… police were horrible and very scary. The government including the Biden bill swept in quickly and removed a huge element of black men to incarceration if they weren’t already lost to street gangs or killed.

      Then a generation of single mothers or grandmas of young black boys were simply trying to keep their kids out of that crap…. But then the bar got lowered and expectations became lowered. And instead of my son has straight A’s and is the gate program.. it became well at least my son isn’t in a gang and has never went to jail as a standard and endorsed by the government at that time.. yet he lives at home and is 32 with 3 baby mommas and is evading child support and occasionally takes out the trash as a victory. But at least he was never in a gang.” Type stuff. actually now too with education Union types who say in the name of equity you are destined to be stupid and need a perpetual handout based on melanin or ethnicity.

      Then this thing happened where the government came further into “support” black single mothers with a hand out called AFDC “Aid to families with dependent children”and didn’t support and would pull the rug out from under on the path to what was purported to be self sufficient even $5 over the monthly amount of income made through hard work… hmmm. I think in the 1990’s Clinton changed it to TANF “Temporary Aid to Needy Families”.And the systems were very specific and still are and even more that there better not be a father or male in the home or you are not eligible.. race is the leading factor and not families staying intact nor economic hardship… even if economic impact is temporary and urgent. I remember asking my dad when I turned 10 about our family lineage and how to go back and trace my black side. He said I don’t know slave? And I still try to look up things since the dawn of the internet.. but never ever did my proud black father play the victim. He would call out discrimination in the name of equality but never the victim mentality. I, thankful for that and my elders.. otherwise I would have stayed a teenage welfare mom on section 8 forever.

      Obama would have faired way better.. from the generation of black parents who proudly ran their businesses, were educated like mine after the 1968 civil rights work of great leaders and we not perpetual victims but achievers.

      Colin… no he wouldn’t possibly fared as well because the “systems” and the government started creeping in and he was born in 1987.. had to look it up. By then the affirmative action stuff was in full swing and your “race” (based on same old tired federal guidelines)or skin tone or heritage.. regardless of your intelligence, hard work, diligence and perseverance was already in full swing..says the former child bussed 45 minutes away from home and never had any real friends.. maybe one.
      Also the badge of honor that at least my son isn’t in jail boiled over and black fathers or even stand up men became an “issue” for government support through economic challenges and race was all in the mix.

      I do know that white and black parents of mixed race kids were put into this bind from 68 to at least 75. And comes from interracial marriage being legalized in 1968 in many states.. it’s truly hard to fairly compare a former President born mixed race in 6-7 years prior to the dawn of the civil rights era of equality and one born into social/race welfare possibly roots in 1987 then as seedlings that told us our black parents were victims and endorsed by government handouts that has affected at least four generations of my life down to my grandbabies that we just don’t tolerate in our camp.

      Answer: Obama – YES
      Answer: Colin – NO

  3. Economics needs to be the leading factor for ALL families and not race in further dividing and devaluating. Economics support for fair skinned children with blue eyes and blonde hair to chocolate brown children with brown eyes. I’m totally fed up with the United States government and our elected officials propping up divisive practices and ignoring the root of all families especially since the pandemic and prior by using your outdated race qualifier when the economic impact is the one tried and true factor to a lack of equality… from a trailer park to the suburbs.

    Obviously I’m grouchy and irritated and am sick of the politics now that I finally learned “oh… you’ve been doing this crap that I’ve spent my lifetime over coming?” Doggone irritating twerps. Your headlines and keywords are super old for this chick and I am a chick and not offended as I am a chick before everyone got super sensitive and my chick- ness is defined by my XX chromosomes that will be available for any archeologists when it’s time for me to meet my maker.

    This parading around of lack of logic is Ridiculous, nonsense and has been old since 1975 at least.

    America is: an individual no matter how young who we taught to be respectful, who opens the door or holds the door open for you at the store,

    America is: an individual who gives their grocery cart to you as they are coming out.

    America is: your children of many shades play at the playground and becoming instant friends.

    America is: even if your children from toddlers to teenagers are curious about freckles, brown skin or red hair or curly hair.

    News flash that isn’t racist.. Its called curiosity, which we expect amd support for our future.

    America is:for me, for you, your loved ones and for our future generations.

    Adults get out of the doggone way with your stupid efforts to divide us to pad your pockets with special interests and stop using people with more melanin to prop up your agendas. Liberals and progressives I’m talking to you. You don’t listen at all, because you know better than everyone right?

    Ok,opinionated person needs to get off line before being “cancelled” by the infectious fungus of wokeism amd go back into hibernation from tech.

    Check that crap at the door before you keep trying to say what is most important for the communities that you purport to support. Move aside, don’t need your divisiveness and tearing at the fiber of families and the community of the United States of America.

    With kindness and compassion. Sit down somewhere and sit on your hands.

    Elise Carey from Las Vegas and a person who cares about EVERYBODY!!

  4. Kapernick will never play in the NFL again. SF owners will make sure of that. Clearly, Mark Davis haircut is affecting his thought process.

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