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Proof of Vaccine or Negative Test for Las Vegas Punk Rock Bowling Festival

Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas

The Punk Rock Bowling Festival, scheduled for this September at The Downtown Las Vegas Event Center, has announced that they would rather not have unvaccinated people at their festival, because nothing says rebellious punk rock like banning half of the country!

On their website, they just posted a notice stating all attendees will be required to present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination and for patrons who are not fully vaccinated, proof of a negative COVID-19 test result must be obtained within 48 hours prior to entering the festival or any PRB event.

Vaccinated attendees will not have to submit to the COVID testing, despite the fact that multiple studies, including a study out of the UK today, say vaccinated people are helping fuel the spread and are just as likely to transmit the disease as unvaccinated people. In fact, even the CDC now admits that Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as the Unvaccinated!

On top of trying to purge their festival of unvaccinated attendees, they are also refusing to provide refunds to unvaccinated attendees who already purchased tickets, and do not want to comply with the new rules, telling them if they do not want to comply they will have to sell their own tickets online. We are also hearing that even at their outdoor event they are seriously considering making everyone wear masks, they are waiting a couple weeks to make that announcement.

Becoming a common theme at Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

This is becoming a disturbing pattern at concerts at Circa owner Derek and Greg Stevens Downtown Event’s Center. Despite being a 100% outdoor venue, The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center has required not only mandatory vaccine passports but masks as well at multiple shows over the last couple of months.

Back in May, The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, which is owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens, the same casino developers and owners of The D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, and the Circa Resort & Casino, became the first venue in Las Vegas to require vaccines and masks when they hosted a drug fueled outdoor electronic music festival. Apparently people overdosing on molly is okay, as long as they take the shot and wear the compliance mask!