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Police Finally start making arrests from 2021 Palo Verde Pavilion Pool Shooting

Palo Verde Pavilion Pool Shooting Suspects

Back in June of 2021, we reported on a shooting that almost no one in the media wanted to walk about, yet another black on black gang related shooting in Las Vegas.

Today, Las Vegas Metro Police said they finally started making some arrests in relation to the shooting, where over 150 shoots were fired at people inside an illegal, underage twerking party at Pavilion Pool next to Palo Verde High School in Summerlin.

According to Las Vegas police, around 200 people illegally attended an unsanctioned pool party at the Pavilion Center Pool next to Palo Verde High School on May 30, 2021.

At the time, the media was oddly silent about what happened.

City staff told local news channel 8 that  “the pool was rented out for what was believed to be a family reunion. We found, however, that it was a party advertised with general admission.”

“We’ve got several investigative teams working this 24 hours a day to bring this to a resolution,” Metro Capt. Fred Haas, who heads the Summerlin Area Command told News 8. “We’re still trying to find victims and witnesses of this crime.”

“We have to make sure that these events are safe, not only for families that are having the events, but for the rest of the community, as well,” Haas said.

Councilwoman Victoria Seaman says the person who rented out the pool from the city did it under false pretenses.

“We take public safety very seriously, and we are going to get to the bottom of it,” she told the I-Team, “and we’re gonna find out what happened, so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.” “These are not the type of events that we would rent out our spaces to,” Seaman affirmed. “These are for community, family events. Very disappointed.”

Our sources say employees quickly figured out what was going on, possibly days before the event, but feared charges of “racism” if they stopped the illegal event.

Twerking Party Advertised for Weeks Online         

On Instagram and Eventbrite, a “Bancs and Spanks 3.0 Indoor Pool Bash” was advertised for Sunday, starting at 3 p.m. Numerous known gang members were promoting the event, including rappers, some degenerate named Lil Kayla (who sings about how her “pussy” doesn’t smell), some loser that calls himself “Obama’s Godchild”, and D-List Hip-Hop Reality TV trash like “Love & Hip hop Hollywood’s” Apple Watts.

Apple Watts on Instagram Inviting people to the Illegal Party in a since deleted Instagram Post — we’ve captured it above.

During a news conference Tuesday, LVMPD Capt. Fred Haas said they have obtained indictments for five people in connection with the shooting for about 50 felony charges. The suspects are Demarea Wesley, Terrance Jefferson, Trayvon Ward, Michael Simmons and Cedric Sweeting.

Police are asking for the public’s help in locating Michael Simmons and Cedric Sweeting, who both have active arrest warrants in connection with the incident and are wanted by authorities. Police also say that charges are still pending against the promoter of the pool party.


  1. So another example of furthering exploitation. May not always agree with the tone of hostility of posts here however
    .. literally the only local outlet beyond the affiliate links and hype for those not on social media including the fanning of colorism flames and the news douses everything with sugar coating where facts are provided regardless of commentary told to see what is really going on and how to warn parents especially of preteens to young adult. Love hate relationship. The community right now needs to get off social media and twitter, instagram all of them.. ticktock that is where all of this crap is planned, formulated and hashed out. Read read read.. learn. Open a door for someone get off the political gang mentality. Get into community and not blaming or playing the victim. Even if someone has made a mistake or mistakes you can turn a corner and realize that the wokeness is set up for you to be a continuous pawn to keep them rich and keep putting you down based on your heritage or skin tone.
    although certain ones are the “champions” for the new terms BIPOC and POC dang how about straight up acknowledging heritage and also acknowledge mixed heritage that isn’t always obvious. Some of the greatest “oppressors” are right there behind you who say “we got you and do what we say and secretly of course you will be a criminal, a failure, uneducated, incarcerated and a statistic.. but that’s ok we got you.” Stop playing into the theatre of being a statistic! Hard times yes, discrimination is real across everything stop giving into the narrative please that no matter your background or any hardship that you are destined to fail and always pay attention to the suits who say they are there to pick you up when they see you as a poster child of statistics for their thickly padded political pockets.

  2. “Our sources say employees quickly figured out what was going on, possibly days before the event, but feared charges of “racism” if they stopped the illegal event.”

    This is a huge part of the problem. People need to stop thinking it’s “racist” to call out questionable behavior by non whites. Crime is crime. The other problem is the media ignoring it as if it never happened, while the DA’s office drags its feet about prosecuting the people involved.

  3. My goodness nobody can say anything to stand up against injustice or crime without it being labeled “racist” from school children to adults. This backwards mentality of being afraid to give the description of a suspect from skin tone to possible heritage including all heritage is furthering the agenda of discrimination and division based on skin tone and heritage. What isn’t said leads to furthering agendas from the higher ups and telling isn’t snitching when it comes to supporting the community. We expect kids to stand up and do the right thing with integrity.. yet grown folks can including the media? Seriously? Caucasian people commit crimes every day of the week as well as Hispanic and all branches of humanity. This tippy toe response is ridiculous. Who is responsible for the pandering of soft on crime and better not mention skin tone guys? Most often not individuals who share the same skin tone and say things like “you ain’t black if you don’t do this that or the other” as former prosecutors or senators who sent many a black father away for crimes that now there is a dispensary in most of those cities/states. GeeWiz when will the wokeness end?

  4. There were a lot of “underground parties” during lockdown- that continue. Paid admission, Full bars, dancers, music, door prizes etc.

    Apple Watts aka Ms Apple Bottom – name used allegedly in her porn career – still unresponsive in Vegas hospital- after Baker CA car wreck. No info if there was “impairment “. or who will pick up medical bills. VHS LOVE AND HIP HOP show glorified some pretty wild behavior –

    Do people collect sales and “entertainment taxes” on tickets and booze sales as well as “gang wear” clothes jewelry. etc you can bet that not having to pay license fees – like hookah lounge having unlicensed liquor sales means they undercut establishments that are licensed

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