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Police called to Mulitple Resorts as MGM fails to Pay Super Bowl Bets


Las Vegas Metro Police have been called to a number of MGM properties throughout Las Vegas as angry customers claim MGM is refusing to payout winning bets after the companies APP went down in the middle of the Super Bowl.

A tweet just before 6 p.m. indicated the BetMGM app and MGM sports books were having major problems with people Super Bowl Bets.

We are now hearing that Las Vegas Metro has been dispatched to multiple MGM properties as angry bettors are claiming MGM is refusing to pay on winning bets.

People are reporting that MGM and Metro are threatening them with arrest and permanent ban form MGM properties, simply for trying to cash their winning tickets!

MGM has blocked us after reporting the story, I guess they are not happy with our reporting on them, their ex-criminal CEO Jim Murren, and their involvement in helping the COVID task force destroy our city!

They have also reportedly started blocking anyone who is talking about the betting problems…

This comes after another weekend of violence at MGM and on the heels of finding out that former MGM CEO Jim Murren, MGM Resorts, and PLAYSTUDIOS’ Andrew Pascal have been using the COVID taskforce to shut down the state and profit from its destruction.