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Police arrest 16-year-old Thug for Fremont Street Shooting

Na’quentin Norsworthy Fremont shooter

Right before New Year’s Eve, we reported on the latest shooting on the Fremont Street Experience. At the time, the media and the police refused to give a description of the shooter, despite multiple casino cameras filming the chaos.

Today, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say they arrested a black 16-year-old for shooting into the crowd of people on Fremont Street on Dec. 29th. Na’quentin Norsworthy, is accused of shooting two people at the Fremont Street Experience at the intersection of 3rd Street and Fremont Street, near the D Casino.

According to our sources, the incident was kept quiet because the shooter was an employee at the Mcdonald’s inside Derek Stevens’ D Casino. However, we are told that there were multiple surveillance videos from the D Casino and the Fremont Street Experience showing the employee getting off work and then firing several rounds at a crowd of people on Fremont Street.

According to reports that were available the day of the shooting, and are just now being released to the public, one of the victims asked Norsworthy for a receipt inside the casino. He flipped her off and then got into an altercation inside the casino with other guests.

Norsworthy claims a group of customers “ran after him” after his shift.

“Na’Quinton said he grabbed a black 9mm Glock handgun from his backpack and shot approximately eight rounds behind him as he ran away, attempting to scare the group that followed him,” police said. He then ditched the weapon, which police have still not located.

Fremont Street IS NOT SAFE!

While the local media is refusing to talk about how Fremont Street and the Strip have been taken over by street gangs and thugs, the fact is people are being assaulted, robbed and even killed on the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street almost nightly.

This is something we have been warning was going to happen for the last three years. The Fremont Street Experience, the City of Las Vegas, and Fremont Street Casinos are all aware of the chaos that goes down nightly. From allowing teenagers to drink, do drugs, and assault tourists to the nightly rioting and mob fights, casino owners like Derek Stevens have been more concerned about pushing government-mandated vaccines on their employees than protecting tourists from the gangs of mentally ill addicts who now roam Fremont Street.

Here are just some of the Fremont Street violence we have reported on over the last couple years…


  1. Wow! Derek is going to be sued six ways from sideways on this one. No metal detector protocol for employees, no security to stop interaction with employee and customers in casino, and no security to stop gunman after firing weapon -who could have emptied his magazine in to the crowd. If this incident doesn’t show that there is no responsive security on Fremont I don’t what does. If you are assaulted or shot on Fremont you can also bet on a news blackout of said event or at the minimum the escape of the perp without any mention of race to help apprehend. Eff the the Fremont and downtown– I am done.

  2. 2020 = 20000 murders. 10500 of Black folks. 90% killed by other black folks. So 45% of murders by 14% of population… Minorities murder problem …?

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