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Pilot Collapses on Southwest Flight From Las Vegas: Passenger Pilot steps in to help!

Southwest Airlines from Vegas

There seems to be a local media blackout on this story, so as usual, we will break the news and force the local media liars to cover the story!

Today, a Southwest Airlines Pilot collapsed in flight during a flight from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio. The pilot became incapacitated sometime during the flight; thankfully, another pilot from a different airline who happened to be on board provided assistance with radio communication while the remaining Southwest pilot took control of the aircraft. The insane incident was reported on Twitter by Charlotte-based American Airlines Airbus first officer Josh Yoder.

“He is in the back of the aircraft right now with the flight attendants. But we need to get him on an ambulance immediately,” the unidentified pilot in the cockpit told air traffic controllers.

The aircraft departed on schedule, flying out over Utah north of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument before returning to the gate in Las Vegas nearly two hours later.

According to Southwest Airlines spokesperson Chris Perry:

Southwest Flight 6013 from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio returned to LAS after departure on Wednesday when one of our Pilots needed medical attention. The flight landed safely, and an alternate Flight Crew is operating the flight to CMH. We commend the Crew for their professionalism and appreciate our Customers’ patience and understanding regarding the situation.

This is the 5th pilot to become incapacitated in the last three weeks and comes on the heels of new Federal Aviation Administration loosing the requirements that airline pilots must meet for cardiac health. Earlier this year, The FAA loosened certification requirements for pilots with first-degree atrioventricular block, also known as “heart block,” a condition that causes delayed electrical impulses to the heart’s ventricles. But don’t worry folks, according the government media fact checkers, there is nothing to see here and it has “nothing to do with the COVID vaccines”.

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