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One Dead after Fremont Street Fight and Shooting in Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont street shooting

In what is becoming an almost nightly occurrence on the streets of Las Vegas, one man is dead, and another is wounded after a fight in a Binion’s Hotel Casino spilled out onto Fremont Street, and people started shooting.

Lt. Jason Johansson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police homicide unit said one person was fatally shot and an innocent bystander was wounded at about 2:12 a.m.

As can be seen in the video below, a gang of men who had been fighting inside the casino came running out onto Fremont street and continued fighting. Moments later, a person pulled out a gun and shot and killed someone.

Both gunfire victims were rushed to UMC, with the person involved in the fight pronounced dead and the bystander recovering in the hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

Governor Sisolak’s New Visitors?

The shooting is just the latest in what is becoming a nightly occurrence in Las Vegas. While our do-nothing governor brags on Twitter about how he is fixing the economy — the economy he broke — and helping to bring new visitors to Las Vegas, what he isn’t telling you is those new visitors are drug dealers, addicts, and criminal street gangs from California.

Last Tuesday, a black female shot a security guard in a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip outside the Bonanza Gift Shop on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue.

Fremont Street IS NOT SAFE!

While the local media is refusing to talk about what’s really happening, refusing to acknowledge that Fremont Street and the Strip have been taken over by street gangs and thugs, the fact is people are being assaulted, robbed and even killed on the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street almost nightly.

Back in April, things started getting so bad on Fremont Street that we even had a drive by shooting near the El Cortez. Late last year we warned our readers that it was no longer safe to frequent Fremont Street, and warned that the City of Las Vegas and Nevada Democrats were purposely setting up deadly situations and allowing child exploitation on Fremont Street.

This is what Fremont Street Looks like almost every night!

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When will this end?

Since the start of the year, we’ve had several shootouts in the middle of our roads, an off-duty cop killed by a homeless addict, a shooting inside Downtown Grand, a mass shooting at an illegal blacks-only club, a murder inside the Rio, a shooting inside Bally’s, a housekeeper killed at Bally’s, a man beaten almost to death for not wearing a mask inside a Las Vegas storea man stabbed by a homeless man inside the Paris Casino, a man shot 11 times by a homeless addict in Chinatown, and countless assaults inside Casinos and throughout Las Vegas


  1. I don’t think they caught guy that killed someone outside 4 queens back in August of last year . One of the dirtbags from the Sacramento shooting ( 6 dead) was arrested down here too. There have been so many shootings I can’t keep track, I takes 3 to 4 years for a murder case to come to trial. 2/3 of people are released to wait for trial.

    • I was nearly stabbed to death in December 2019. My attacker still has not seen his day in court and was indeed released on an ankle bracelet. This city is a fucking joke

  2. Love coming to Vegas, try and do not several times a year but it’s becoming too much of a dumpster fire, people are rude, and the comps SUCK anymore especially at Derek’s casinos on Fremont!! I get it, for every one unhappy person there’s 500 more coming in….those will eventually dry up though and what’s left? The unhappy ones with the money and no interest in coming to Vegas anymore…..good luck with that. Fix it already!!

  3. I would just like to say we were just in Vegas from June 7-12 stayed 3 nights on the strip and 2 nights downtown and had an amazing time we encountered none of this, everyone we met was nice and friendly. We were at the D and even had drinks with Derek the owner of the D, Circa, and Golden Gate and his right hand man Tyler they were so nice even gave all 9 of us vip to the Shaggy concert. we didn’t know them they were at the bar and Ivan the bartender introduced us to them and no we are not high rollers we are just every day people who love coming to Veges. Derek is at his casino bars all the time meeting the people who come to his locations and hearing the things people like and don’t like to make improvements, how many other casino owners to you see out doing this. There was never a time any of us felt unsafe. I think the things going on in Vegas right now are going on everywhere in the world we are from Wis and there have been things like this going on in places that have always been safe, we need to stop pointing fingers at people and start just being better people, we need to support our people in blue and instead of cheering on these fights we need to find a better way of stopping them.

    • Do they even HAVE police downtown?? Casino guards are not going to help you outside of their place of business.

  4. Melissa, Just because you antecdotally had a great time, it does not mean Fremont and the Strip are safe. Come on now. I too have stayed at the D and GG over the last few years and have witnessed more fights and ghetto shenangins over the last 18 months (visited downtown and the strip 5x in 21 and so far 3x in 22) then I have in the prior 18 years. This BS can be stopped at the door, but the people that can stop it do not want to be called racist. It is all fun until a gang banger stomps you for cash or a tweeker puts a knife in you for no apparent reason. If you go stay safe.

    • Hmm ? I’ve been coming 2x a year since 2015 and I have yet to see a fight in Fremont or on the strip. I moved here in 2021. Yes I have heard about shooting but every time the shooting is from a tourist and not a local. Crime is everywhere do your research it’s not just in Vegas. It get posted more on social media because everyone is filming. Crime since Covid shut downs sky rocketed.

  5. The dude in yellow is an absolute piece of shit for laughing at the fight until he realized he was in danger and nearly soiled himself.

  6. Heard “a media lawyer” say the shooting might have been self defense. Retreating from multiple attackers helps that contention possibly. Unlicensed concealed carry and shooting bystander might be a criminal charge. Remember the biker fight at Harrahs in Laughlin??? A lot of prosecutions went no where. Dirtbags have good attorneys too. The aunt and sister of the person killed were complaining to ch 8. Two or 3 chasing and kicking a guy on the ground may be problematic ladies.

  7. Started going to Vegas for Business/Trade shows as a young professional in the early 2000’s. 30-40 trips from Los Angeles until moving to Vegas strip renting at Veer and Meridian in 2017. Stayed at every major Hotel Casino on the strip. Was there during the Mandalay Bay Shooting Massacre. Witnessed additional shooter.Shooting involved multiple people participating in a controlled operation completely buried by silence utterly forgotten in time. Truly scary. None of the internal casino videos from any of the hotels have been released to this day.

    Decided to leave Las Vegas after the protests and due to the deteriorating situation there. The environment, the types of people who are inhabiting Las Vegas specifically the strip area.You cannot have a glamorous high class experience, when these are the people inhabiting the area. Countless offers for drugs on the streets. Prices way up. Impossible to win money gambling. El Cortez offered the last real Black Jack on the strip with original rules. There are black trannys soliciting prostitution harassing men when you left Mandalay Bay. I called security but was threatened by security staff for reporting it.

    That’s what I get for $600 night room at the Delano. Black Tranny’s, 40 years old table top dancers, high minimums, bad play, no card comps, expensive drinks, dog hair and fleas in my hotel room. Nickel and Dimed at every corner. I heard a guy make a joke soon the will make you put quarters in the seats to sit down. On top of this I was bitched at several times by staff for smoking expensive cigars. I don’t appreciate spending $50-$90 on a cigars there, then being marginalized and stolen from. It’s Vegas – If you don’t like smoke – you can get another job or quit. Constant drug deals. Watched a black gang almost execute a gang member on his knees begging. They only allowed him to live after he begged and offered something.Drug addicts everywhere. My Penthouse overlooked a gutter .. every night it was fights noise and junkies shooting up. And I was paying $3,000 month for this in 2021.

    Vegas doesn’t look the same… Vegas doesn’t feel the same .. I miss the old Vegas from when I was a business YUP . I truly miss it. I don’t know what the hell has happened to Las Vegas but it’s not the same place. the feel . .. the new “residents” .. they are disgusting … why are they there. Why. Why. Why.

    Just as well… since I probably lost hundreds of thousands in cash there. But I never never got comped. On top of this they have put in crazy rules on sports betting. Underdog limits, parlay limits, Wynn is the worst.

    Vegas is just not the same. Left after 2021 … Riots .. COVID rules.. and these new people who are disgusting just too look at …. The beautiful women are gone. The place doesn’t feel safe fun or exciting anymore. it was just too much to tolerate staying there. Ive already done Vegas more than 99.99% of the people that have visited. So I don’t have any reason to come back. At least I have good memories and got it when it was better.

    I didn’t even recognize the feel of it last time I was there ..

    RIP Vegas.

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