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Officials Say Reports of Shootings in Seven Different Strip Casinos Was A “Rock” Thrown at MGM

Possible Vegas Shooting

How exactly does a rock being thrown at a window at the MGM Grand cause reports of shootings and tens of thousands of people stampeding and taking cover at seven different casinos, some over a mile away? Well, if you believe our local media hacks and local paid-off dipshit bloggers like Vital Vegas and Vegas Locally, that’s what the official story is! It was all because of a rock!

Last night around 10 PM, tens of thousands of people in at least seven separate casinos went running, some stampeding each other and throwing people to the ground as witnesses say they heard gunshots ringing out inside the casino. From MGM all the way down to Caesars Palace, people went running, Casinos shut down slots, and security rushed people out backdoors.

At the Paris, the World Series of Poker went into full lockdown mode and players took cover under tables after reports of shootings inside that casino went wild.

Don’t worry, our media says it was “FALSE RUMORS”! Metro says it was just a loud noise at MGM

Yep, the official story from the Las Vegas Police Department is a loud noise startled people in the valet area at MGM. Funny how there is no mention of the stampedes and reports of shooting sounds at seven casinos a mile away!

As soon as the chaos started, local bloggers did exactly what they get paid to do — cover for the city! Local drunk and so-called blogger Vital Vegas took to Twitter to make fun of people who still swear they were shot at. While there is no doubt someone threw rocks at glass doors at the MGM Grand, witnesses claimed something that sounded like gunfire rang out at multiple other casinos around the same time.

While we have no idea if this was an actual shooting, and because this is Las Vegas the true story will probably never come out, our sources tell us this was much more than a rock being thrown at a glass door at the MGM Grand. After all, there are stabbings, fights, and chaos on the strip every night — it never causes people to panic at multiple casinos at the same time. Hell, every couple of weeks we have a shooting down there, you don’t get this kind of response from even real gunshots!

Coordinated Dry Run or possibly “premediated prank” ?

Our law enforcement sources are telling us that they think it was some sort of coordinated attack or possibly “premediated prank” to cause mass panic across the Las Vegas Strip. According to our sources, they believe that the gunshots people heard may have been fireworks being let off at several different casinos to simulate gunfire and cause panic.

As we reported last year, gangs from California have been coming to Las Vegas specifically to cause this type of chaos. In fact, there were a number of cases where these sick bastards were rigging their vehicle exhaust to simulate gunfire and trying to make visitors think there was an active shooter on the strip. Here is one of those incidents from last March.

We also believe that so-called influencers and internet streamers may have helped push the panic for views on their live streams.


  1. I think you are right. It might not have been gun shots but it was without a doubt something that was meant to make us believe it was. I don’t know what gunshot actually sound like , but I did here something that sounds like fireworks or shots or something inside at the Cosmo. I don’t think I heard the rock from mgm inside another casino that far away

  2. FEMA, DHS and local storm troopers said they were going to do “training” at Caesar’s. More govt run false flags. Didn’t sissy people murk that guy that approached sissy at the restaurant. Fake media said he off’d himself, sure…..

  3. I was having dinner at Lago in Bellagio. Sounded like gunshots and we all hit the floor screaming.

  4. How is it your blog is the only one reporting something else happened? While eating, a sea of dozens came running into Planet Hollywood @ Gordon Ramseys yelling shooter. Everyone including myself took cover. 30 seconds later while under a table, I 100% heard 3 distinctive gun shots/or something replicating them… which caused me to say I’m not safe under a table in here and I beelined it over a wall down an employee exit hallway to an elevator and out in the back alley. I wish I had filmed the sound.. surely the casinos have some audio surveillance as you tend not to pull your phone camera out in life or death situations. It was no rock though in Hollywood.. that had already apparently happened to make people run!

    Even though it’s a few days old now, I hope someone is still pushing for more surveillance and have the truth put out.

    – A vegas local

    • I am pushing as hard as I can. I have called to file a report they told me since I wasn’t injured or don’t have physical evidence they can’t do anything. Also I called lvmpd internal affairs and they basically said if we have video proof of the shooter or bullet casings they will investigate. I encourage everyone that was there to call 702-828-3111, option 6. maybe if enough people call they will do something. There is video evidence in every casino but the casinos have to be willing to share it.

      • Probably wouldn’t hurt to file a report with the FBI too. The media barely got wind of this and downplayed it ten-fold. People who read the news article are basically laughing at everyone acting like fools for running over broken glass. I am no conspiracy theorist but I was there. I sure as hell hope it was one big coordinated prank rather than a dry run for something bigger to come….:/

  5. We were 6 diners at Amalfi in Caesars when we saw running and fled into the kitchen basements for our lives. Kitchen staff were getting away in an elevator. Heard 3 gunshots and then a few minutes later heard another one and people screaming. The breaking glass coverup is laughable, and seems like a coordinated attack if it was 7+ hotels at the same time. Also heard that the same happened at Aria and hundreds were in a safe room. It was all traumatic and is not ok.

  6. Found this blog as I searched trying to find others who were there to hear their stories, it’s insane that we were told nothing happened? We were at blackjack tables inside Bellagio, the stampede came in (which was disconcerting of course), but we didn’t run at first, just stood up like .. “WTF?” And then we both distinctly heard POP POP shots as the crowd was sprinting past, and the dealers all hit the floor at that sound, and we took off running. As we ran, I heard 3-5 more POP POP POP behind us. Been around guns my whole life, was either a gun, blanks, or fireworks maybe? Was not something falling, was not unintentional. Was terrifying and traumatizing, and am curious about everyone’s timing in the different hotels. We text our mothers at 10:27pm local time (time stamp on the text), once we were downstairs, to tell them what was occurring, so I’d guess Bellagio event started between 10:15-10:20. The LVPD tweeted it was a false alarm at 10:38pm. How, even if it was, could they possibly and definitively know that within a few minutes as this was still unfolding?? All so unreal.

    • Right across the street inside Planet Hollywood, I heard the 3 pop pop pop rifle sounding shots sometime between 10:15PM – 10:19 PM, AFTER people were running inside screaming shooter

  7. I am getting real tired of the lack of security Years ago there were swarms of security guards keeping the thugs in check . Now they guard the cage and pit and that’s it

    • They do a pretty good job too of hassling white performers on Fremont for their “papers” and/or because the people watching them are crowding those rarest of rare entrepreneurs who complain that they block traffic from their kiosk selling overpriced ghetto-tier Raiders crap. Credit where credit is due.

  8. It’s nice to read that someone shares my opinion about the Las Vegas “news” forums that are just puff piece circle jerks for comp-grubbing, buffet-stuffing slobs. Their ass-kissing sycophancy to industry and petty leftist tyranny makes Katsilometes seem in comparison like an investigative reporter.

  9. Interesting CH 8 is reporting that a shoplifter at Fashion show mall “damaged store property and created a noise that caused a panic “. Is this a new tactic for gang banger smash and grabbers???

    One can make a compact “ door/glass buster” by taking a piece of PVC pipe and use heavy rubber bands or stretchy medical tubing and a heavy bolt. the device can be concealed in a soft nylon shopping bag, one thug can bust some glass, doors, display cases, etc. this causes panic and a diversion. Enabling the smash and grabbers.

  10. I hate Vegas now. I mean I am born and raised Vegas but I can’t stand it anymore. From the idiots running it to those few idiots living in it. It’s depressing to try to live here. ?

  11. I was there at Circus Circus that night, I have fired thousands of rounds out of various firearms and THOSE WERE GUNSHOTS!!! To think that i heard a glass window breaking, at another hotel, a couple blocks away, while i was INSIDE a different casino is bull. It was definitely a coverup of some sort. Earlier that day we were leaving Planet Hollywood (we were staying there) I noticed the new construction work done to the front of the building. Later that night after the incident, we finally got back to the hotel and I noticed that the same spot I saw earlier has bullet holes in it. Like I said earlier, I know what a gunshot sounds and looks like.

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