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Nevada Democrats pushing Bill to pay criminals in prison $10.50 per hour to work!

Senator Dina Neal

If you need more proof that Nevada democrats are not out for you, look no further than the latest bill designed to help criminals make big money while they are in prison.

Democrat Nevada State Senator Dina Neal, who represents Clark County District 4, has just pushed through legislation that, if passed, will require Nevada prisoners to be paid a “living wage, which is an hourly wage that is equivalent to the state minimum.” The bill also establishes the “Offenders’ Release Fund” to hold money in savings accounts for the criminal inmate.


Like all brainwashed democrat activists, Senator Dina Neal is using accusations of racism to attempt to guilt the public into supporting giving criminals money while their victims suffer. Neal claims that not giving them at least minimum wage is comparable to a practice that continued after slavery was abolished but kept incarcerated African Americans working unpaid for large plantations and private companies.

Remember, these are hardcore felons in Prison, but this lying scumbag senator is running around town claiming the current arrangement for making prisoners work is reminiscent of post-Civil War prison practices that capitalized on laws that criminalized freed African slaves for vagrancy or unemployment in the South in the late 1800s.

Senator Neal fist-bumping Biden. She has made a name for herself by pushing radical democrat agendas and pushing black power ideology.

The full details of Nevada State Senate Bill 187 can be read below.


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