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Nevada Democrat Steven Horsford Attempting to crash the Housing Market with COVID-style Emergency Declarations!

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In the latest attempt to make sure you own nothing, can make no money from your investments, and enslave you to the government, Congressman Steven Horsford is attempting to use COVID-style emergency mandates on the housing market.

Last month Congressman Steven Horsford (NV-04) introduced legislation to punish people for having the audacity to want to own and possibly make money from their own homes.

The legislation targets homeowners and landlords though using the Department of Housing and Urban Development to harrass, fine, and enact pricing controls that would prohibit homeowners from charging what they believe is a fair rent for their home.

The Housing Oversight and Mitigating Exploitation Act would:

  • Punish homeowners and landlords and allow the President of the United States to declare a housing emergency. This would then freeze rents and ban home owners from increasing rental rates or home prices to unreasonable levels. In other words, they are attempting to crash the value of your home and make sure you cant earn a living as a landlord!
  • Direct the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to conduct an “investigation” to determine if prices are manipulated by artificially reducing housing capacity or through other price gouging practices.
  • Allow the Secretary of HUD to monitor home purchases within housing markets across the country to investigate:
    • Institutional investors that have individually purchased more than 5 percent of the single-family housing made available for sale in any market over three years
    • If, in aggregate, institutional investors have purchased more than 25 percent of the single-family housing made available for sale in any market over 1 year.

Governor Steve Sisolak signaled his support for the bill earlier in the month while speaking to illegal aliens at a Culinary Union Event, and has promised to target homeowners and enact rent control if reelected. illegal aliens and so-called “Union members” were joined by Gov. Steve Sisolak, Congressman Steven Horsford and Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom to promote the legislation to target homeowners.

Horsford announced his bill will use the Department of Housing and Urban Development to target corporate landlords (white oowners) who are “targeting minority households”:

“What is my bill going to do? It’s going to hold those out-of-state corporate landlords accountable for gouging my constituents.It’s going to make sure that we empower the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to go after these price gougers to get the evidence to show that they are targeting Black, Latino and single family neighborhoods because they care more about their profits than the people in our neighborhoods.”

Sisolak announced that he and his legal team are assessing options to target landlords:

“Our state in the last couple of years has faced unprecedented growth in out-of-state speculators coming in and buying up homes in our neighborhoods, and raising the rent. They’re not investing in our community. They’re taking money out of our community back to their corporate headquarters and not supporting the citizens. My opponent, Joe Lombardo, is supported by the elite out-of-state landlords that are fighting a dark money campaign trying to buy up homes, and we can’t afford that type of development.

My legal team is looking at what’s been done across the country, whether there can be assessment against corporate landlords. And they’re buying these homes with tax abatements on all the properties as well, which is reducing property taxes which is reducing our funding for schools. So we need to have everything on the table when it comes to addressing the greed of corporate landlords.”

Using Race to Target Successful People and Flood neighborhoods with People Who REFUSE to work for a living!

Make no mistake; this has ZERO to do with actually helping people afford rent or new homes. In fact, this is a direct attack on people who worked for a living to make something of themselves.

The same democrats who allowed BUMS to use COVID as an excuse not to pay rent for two years are now attempting to put the final nail in the coffin and kill off small business owners and small landlords while ensuring the only people left in the market will be large corporate landlords like Blackrock, who will own vast areas of section 8 housing!


  1. These rats only care about themselves and keeping their power. If they cared they would have stopped Blackrock in 2010 from buying up the whole neighborhood. They would have created laws to keep homeowners in the home. Bank write downs not bailouts. Boom and bust town and yet another dem scheme.

  2. More trash from this shit site. What loser needs his kids to write fake “news” articles to make Pennies from the crap ads.

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