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Nevada AG Aaron Ford part of Commission to Restrict & Monitor Speech & Limit American’s Freedoms!

Criminal Attorney General of Nevada Aaron Ford

The latest Twitter File release has outed Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford as being part of a commission that advocated to restricting and monitoring American Citizen’s speech online.

Paid for with taxpayer Dollars, the report the Nevada Attorney General voted to approve advocated for the state to have total access to data to make searching speech easier and said that speech offenders should be put in a “holding area,” and government should probably restrict disinformation, “even if it means losing some freedom.”

The report, prepared by the Aspen Institute and co-authored by Katie Couric and Chris Krebs, the founder of the DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommended the power to mandate data disclosure be given to the FTC – who was just caught in a clear abuse of office, demanding information from Twitter about communications with (and identities of) #TwitterFiles reporters.

Back in 2021, Ford admitted being part of the commission and even seemed to brag about the fact that he joined specifically to stifle discussion on COVID, COVID vaccines, and COVID polices in order to push the official narrative. At the time, no one in the local media seemed to care that our Attorney General was actively trying to stop the freedom of speech and the ability of Americans to share medical information that didn’t fit the official government narrative.

“Through telephones, televisions, radios, and the Internet, there are countless ways to send and receive news,” said AG Ford. “Every single day, we’re bombarded with stories and facts that we often accept as true without any fact checking. This committee is all about pushing back on those narratives and educating the public about critical pieces of misinformation, like the safety of elections, the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine and other mainstream issues. I’m honored to represent Nevadans and be a part of this national conversation.”

Ford and the commission attempted to label anything that didn’t fit the official narrative as “information disorder”.

The report stated: “Information disorder makes any health crisis more deadly. It slows down our response time on climate change. It undermines democracy. It creates a culture in which racist, ethnic, and gender attacks are seen as solutions, not problems. Today, mis- and disinformation have become a force multiplier for exacerbating our worst problems as a society.” .. “If we want to reduce information disorder, there are structural changes that we can and must make to our information ecosystem, and there are rules that we can and must implement to better govern the decisions and behavior of information platforms and propagators.”

The report that Aaron Ford voted to approve also advocated for:

  • Requiring social media companies to report content that produces a high degree of reach and engagement. The report advocated for building a government list of the names of people who were posting content with high engagement and to report on “details about which audiences received and engaged with that content”
  • “The White House to establish a dedicated, apolitical team to develop a centralized national response strategy to effectively counter mis- and disinformation.” In other words, a government agency to take away your ability to talk about anything they do not approve of!
  • Identifying influential accounts that are publishing information that goes against the official government narrative on things like COVID, Race, Gender, and Global Climate Change. The report advocated for putting these users in a “holding area that allows for manual moderation and scrutiny, helping limit the potential for additional misinformation to spread quickly.”
  • Removing access to product features for “violative behavior (e.g., posting, monetization, or amplification).”
  • Polices to limit access to information from domains and URLS that hosts so-called “content with harmful misinformation. The report called for punishing these websites with “escalating enforcement from interstitial labeling, to downranking, to suspensions (disallowing links to that domain) of varying lengths.”

We tried to reach out to Aaron Ford for comment, but our lawless Attorney General is currently violating our constitutional rights and blocking our access to him on Social Media. As we reported back in 2020, Ford blocked us on social media, violating a 2nd and 4th district court ruling stating that public officials cannot block or restrict a constituent’s access to their social media pages. I guess we shouldn’t be shocked, this is the same Attorney General who told the public to pray for a pedophile, helped his son avoid prison time for beating the shit out of a girl at a Las Vegas Nightclub, and we believe colluded with his long-time friend Joey Gilbert to attempt to split the Republican vote during the election.


  1. I completely believe this- Ford and I had a spicy Twitter exchange shortly before I was banned.

    He responded to my criticism of his AG policy with

    Ford- “what would Jesus do?”

    Me- not steal tires?!

    Ford was convicted of stealing tires in Texas. Lol

    Free speech for thee not for ME! What a slime ball.

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