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More Trouble for Raiders: Rookie Nate Hobbs arrested on DUI Charges at Cromwell Parking Garage

Raiders rookie Nate Hobbs

Just days after the Raiders had to admit that their fully vaxxed team had a huge COVID outbreak,  another Raiders player is in trouble with the law.

Las Vegas Metro Police say Raiders rookie cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested Monday at 4 AM after police found him passed out drunk in his car blocking an exit ramp in the parking garage at The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

According to our sources, Hobbs was given a field sobriety test which didn’t go very well. Hobbs was booked into the Clark County Detention Center at 6:38 AM with DUI charges – at least this asshole passed out before he could get out onto the street and kill someone like his teammate did a couple of months back.

Hobbs’ arrest is just the latest in a long string of trouble for Las Vegas Raiders players. Just two months ago, Hobbs’ former Raiders teammate, Henry Ruggs, was accused of driving drunk and slamming his Corvette into a local girl who was killed in the fiery impact. Ruggs was driving 156 mph with a blood alcohol content twice Nevada’s legal limit before his car slammed into the rear of a Rav4 that burned, killing a 23-year-old Tina Tintor.

Just days after Ruggs killed the girl, his teammate Damon Arnette was cut from the team after a video surfaced of the player holding firearms while threatening to kill people.


  1. Josh Jacobs should have been a dui as well. Fancy lawyer magic no cosequences.
    Ghetto disgusting team.

  2. At this point might as well place the whole team on retainer at Law offices of Chesnoff and Schoenfield.

  3. I’ve heard rumors the teams aren’t really vaxxed! These overpaid idiots could easily bribe doctors to empty their needles into a sink!

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