Home News Monkeypox reported at Palo Verde Highschool in Las Vegas

Monkeypox reported at Palo Verde Highschool in Las Vegas

Palo Verde High school in Las Vegas

Thanks to the Nevada democrat’s unwillingness to shut down the illegal gay sex clubs that were spreading monkeypox in Las Vegas, the first case of monkeypox was reported in our school systems today. CCSD is refusing to tell the public whether is was a student or a teacher.

Parents from Palo Verde High School have told us that they received word that it was a student at the high school in Northwest Las Vegas. A parent sent us the following message that they received from the school.

Yesterday, we confirmed that monekypox first came to the valley in a HIV+ Gay Porn Actor who frequented gay sex clubs in Las Vegas. Since then 14 cases have been confirmed in gay men in Nevada.


  1. This virus is related to chicken pox which most people over 40 have had. I remember it used to spread like wildfire in elementary school. If it was a student that contracted it, there are three viable scenarios in which it happened:

    1) The kid is sexually active, particularly with a certain group

    2) The kid was molested by someone

    3) The kid has a dad who is leading a double life

    • monkeypox is an orthopoxvirus while chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. There are not at all relaeted

  2. @ Frances Mitchell….. Monkey Pox is related to small pox, not chicken pox and transmits in a similar manner as small pox transmitted. While certain groups seem to have higher cases and transmission rates it’s not exclusive to those groups. Know the facts before spouting your bigotry.

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