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Metro and Media Team up to Push Fake Crime Threat in Chinatown while Ignoring Mass Violence on Strip

For over a year now, the Las Vegas Strip has seen an unprecedented amount of violence, largely in part to gangs and attacks from mentally ill, homeless drug addicts. Shockingly, the violence has been largely ignored by the local media, and Las Vegas Metro seems to have all but abandoned the Las Vegas Strip over the last couple of months.

Oddly, instead of focusing on the actual crimes in our city and doing something to stop tourists form literally being murdered on the Las Vegas Strip, the local news media and Las Vegas Metro Police have decided to push Democrat Propaganda and pretend there is some great threat to Chinatown by so-called racist, white nationalists.

Of course, this is all complete bullshit, Chinatown is not only thriving, but it has even been given special treatment throughout the so-called pandemic. Many of its businesses have been allowed to completely ignore the governor’s bullshit mandates without punishment or enforcement from the city. In fact, while Karaoke bars have been oddly targeted and banned from operating by our communist Governor, in Chinatown it’s business as usual.

Metro and Media Push Democrat Propaganda

Yesterday, instead of holding a press conference about the last year of violence and they plan to make sure tourists are safe, Las Vegas Metro Police department instead held a press conference in Chinatown to address violence that isn’t happening — but might!

If they actually cared about “Asians”, wouldn’t they have addressed the human trafficking problem in Chinatown?

Captain Nick Farese says Las Vegas Metropolitan Police will be giving our Chinatown neighborhood extra attention — oddly, he didn’t seem to mention the human trafficking at the sex shops (rub and tugs) that pretend to be “spas” or “massage parlors” because that wouldn’t fit the narrative, and why stop actual crimes, right?

“So you’ll see both overt and hopefully you won’t see the covert mechanisms that are here, but our biggest concern, while we don’t believe there’s any targeted threats here towards Asians, we’re always worried about copycats, so increasing our footprint for the next couple of days and weeks to come will just assure the safety of everybody,”

Captain Nick Farese LVMPD Spring Valley Area Command.

He was joined at Chinatown Plaza on Spring Valley with dozens of leaders from Las Vegas’s AAPI community.

Again, not a single one of these “leaders” addressed the human trafficking issues, instead, they pretended the attack in Atlanta was race related — even though the shooter admitted he was a sex addict targeting “Whore Houses”, not Asians or actual professional massage businesses!

Shouldn’t Metro and the Media be doing something about Tourists being assaulted, robbed and Murdered on the Strip?

It’s a little weird that we would be focusing on fake crimes that haven’t happened, while doing nothing about real crimes that happen nightly on the Strip.

Where are the press conferences and saturation patrols by Metro for:

Why are we doing saturation patrols in Chinatown, when Metro isn’t even arresting crimes they witness on the Strip? Pretty sure you didn’t see these videos on your local news, because they refuse to send news crews to cover the crimes on the strip…

Shouldn’t Metro be able to stop drug dealers and homeless criminals from carrying bats and weapons on the strip? I mean these people are openly threatening and intimidating tourists, yet our Media and Metro seem unable to find these crimes…

Remember seeing a press conference about this?

Or what about the gangs and criminals MGM is catering to…. when will that press conference happen?