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Mass Stabbing on Las Vegas Strip: 8 Stabbed 2 Dead

At least eight people have been stabbed, and two have died in the latest violent attack on the Las Vegas Strip. The stabbing occurred outside the Wynn Hotel and Casino near one of the bridge overpasses, an area that we have been warning was becoming a dangerous spot due to homeless addicts who have been harassing and threatening tourists.

The stabbing was reported around 11:42 a.m. in the 3100 block of S. Las Vegas Boulevard right near the front of the Wynn Casino. According to multiple sources, at least two of the victims were the so-called “showgirls” that walk up and down the Strip trying to get tourists to take pictures with them. Many of these “showgirls” work for larger criminal organizations that send these girls walking up and down the strip.

Multiple sources tell us that a group of four showgirls was approached by a Hispanic man with a knife, asking to take a picture with them. When they refused, the man reportedly went crazy and started stabbing them. He then ran southbound on Las Vegas Blvd and stabbed six more people who police say were a combination of tourists and locals. According to Las Vegas Police, the suspect, “a Hispanic man in his 30s”, then fled towards the Venetian Expo Center where he was stopped by Venetian security and was then taken into custody by police.

Police later identified the suspect as 32-year-old Yoni Barrios, he was booked into CCDC on two counts of open murder with a deadly weapon and six counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Our sources say he was an illegal alien from Guatemala that entered the United States through the Mexican U.S. border. Police believe he was staying in California before coming to Las Vegas to meet a male friend.

Before the stabbing, Barrios was inside the Wynn where he allegedly told Wynn employees that he was from Guatemala, and had no place to live in Las Vegas. He also reportedly told a Wynn security officer that he had knives on him inside the casino and was trying to sell them to get bus money. None of this apparently raised alarm bells for the Wynn, who allowed the illegal alien who admitted to having knives on him to walk freely inside the casino.

When he was arrested, he had several cellphones with him that police are currently investigating.

32-year-old Yoni Barrios Mugshot

Barrios allegedly has a criminal history in California, including driving under the influence and an arrest for domestic violence.

We Warned That This Area was becoming a Major Spot for Trouble!

Over the last couple of months, this area has unfortunately turned into the latest danger zone on the Las Vegas Strip. Before Steve Wynn was forced out of his own casino by the mentally ill #MeToo movement, this area was once one of the safest areas in town — now, it has become a haven for methheads and fentanyl addicts.

We have received numerous reports of tourists being relentlessly harassed and threatened with violence by homeless drug addicts and gang members who have taken over the area around the Wynn and the Palazzo. We have also personally witnessed homeless camps pop up almost nightly on the overpass between the Palazzo and the Wynn.

Just a couple nights back, as our idiot governor was ignoring the chaos on the Las Vegas Strip and instead promoting the Raiders, we warned that the area was being taken over by homeless camps — the local Las Vegas media, local paid off bloggers, and our criminally incompetent governor yet again ignored it!

The Las Vegas Strip is a WARZONE!!!

From the nightly attacks on tourists to the No-Go Zones taken over by gangs and homeless addicts on the strip, our local media and our local politicians have done nothing to address the issues.

Here are just a handful of the stories we have reported on since the start of this year.

This is the Las Vegas that the Democrats and our Local Media Will Not Show You!


  1. The media reporting on this was no less astonishing as the attack itself. I’ve never seen such petty, self-serving BS in all my life. Beyond the low-effort, perfunctory, soulless, utterly indifferent “our thoughts a… are with the victims” exercise was the shocking, alternate-reality take on the events. They spoke to a UMC administrator where the injured were brought and he said nothing but blathering about the quality of the UMC trauma unit as though scripted for a promotional video to grant writers. Lombardo, Sisolak, and whichever mope stepped up for LVCVA all spit out this other-worldly, “this is the exception that proves the rule” about the absolute safety of the Strip and LE’s “commitment” to that end. Lombardo lavishly praised the “first responders” for…what? Showing up after everyone who was going to be stabbed got stabbed, and the suspect was neutralized by hotel security. They hide behind this being some anomalistic event that couldn’t have been predicted without ever acknowledging why or how Las Vegas could be in such a state where this would ever happen in the first place.

    The media do cartwheels to point out that the suspect is “not from” Las Vegas, as though that makes any difference, then prominently published the suspect’s alleged statements of contrition to the police, as though that makes any difference.

    Stage 3 is the memory-holing of this event. A local news site where I live, a Sinclair media site just like KSNV, makes no mention of this at all – nothing.

    And where are the Mayor and Big Tick? When it has nothing to do with kissing donor ass or protecting their positions, I guess “leadership” becomes a mere quaint option.

  2. He jumped in front of the Telemundo camera in La just days before. Who sent him to Vegas? Where did he get the knife. Don’t believe the chef story.
    Chefs have knives in bags or plastics wrap. They are expensive. He was planning on killing. That was the ruse. Who was on those cell phones in his bag??!!

    • He should have been prosecuted In SoCal – but the DA did not show up. Could have got 1-4 years. Who paid his way to Vegas? Catholic Charities?

  3. Illegal will cost taxpayers millions in incarceration costs. Faced 1-4 years in LA but they didn’t file charges

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