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Mandatory Covid Testing or Vaccine Passports + Masks to attend Events at Downtown Events Center

Downtown Events Center COVID protocols

Want to attend live music events at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center? Better have your vaccine passport ready to go because they will require you to not only wear a mask at their OUTDOOR venue, but on top of that, you will be required to either take a COVID test or provide a vaccine passport showing that you injected yourself with an experimental vaccine simply to be able to attend live events.

Today, The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, which is owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens, the same casino developers and owners of The D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, and the Circa Resort & Casino, announced that live music is coming back downtown – only, you won’t be able to listen to it unless you submit to the COVID tyranny.

The website states the following guidelines for attending the upcoming May 21st event:



What is acceptable for vaccination:
Must have received at least your first dose of a two dose series vaccine OR the single dose vaccine
For PROOF: you must bring in your physical vaccination card (name must match your ID to verify) OR a photograph or photocopy of the front and back of your card

Negative PCR:
Must be done NO MORE than 48 hours prior to entering the event
You can bring either printed results or digital results from your phone

Source: https://dlvec.com/event/excision-2021/

Welcome to the New COVID World Order

If the owners of Downtown Las Vegas Events Center are so worried about your health and safety, why do they allow disease ridden addicts to shoot-up and sleep right outside their doorways — all while not vaccinated, tested or masked?

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Throughout Nevada, major pressure is now being put on small bar owners who haven’t implemented vaccination programs.

For almost a year now we have been reporting how the major casino CEOs have been colluding with Jim MurrenAndrew Pascal, Steve Sisolak and the Gaming Commission to push mandatory vaccination programs and vaccine passports. Throughout that time the local media called it all a conspiracy theory, as they ran cover for the casinos who were setting up secret vaccination programs and building on-site labs.

Late last month, Clark County officials announced polices trying to scare locals into taking the vaccine, by telling them life would not return to normal for them until over 60% of the population got the shot. This policy by the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center seems to be helping them make good on their threats — if you don’t submit, you will never be able to live a normal life.

These people are truly fucking evil!