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Man Stabbed to Death at Rio Hotel & Casino: How many more Murders before Sisolak & Lombardo are held accountable?

Rio Las Vegas

In the latest death that will soon be swept under the rug, so we can all pretend “Las Vegas is back”, a man was stabbed to death in a hotel room at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Just after 12 AM on Dec. 3, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police responded to the stabbing, where they found a man dead with stab wounds. Police say the suspect and victim were fighting in the room prior to the stabbing. And surprise, surprise, they say the fight was believed to be drug-related.

Maybe our local government officials should start worrying about the almost daily shootings and stabbings and stop harassing cowboys and convention attendees about the stupid fucking masks!

Earlier in the week a housekeeper was found dead at Bally’s, and another man was found shot on the casino floor of Bally’s just hours before.

When will the Media Admit Crime is Out of Control?

From rappers drugging and raping women in the Aria to gangs targeting tourists for beatdowns on the Las Vegas Strip to sword wielding addicts roaming Fremont Street to literal No-Go Zones on the strip that have been taken over by drug dealers and homeless gangs, it seems Metro has lost control, and our politicians are unwilling to do anything to stop the mass-violence throughout the city.

The fact is, Las Vegas will not “be back” until:

We can pretend this isn’t happening, and people can bitch and moan about our reporting like us talking about it is the problem, but for the tourists who are beat and robbed, have to see homeless people masturbating in the streets, have to step over drug addict bums who just shit their pants, there is no sugar coating what they see with their own eyes as they walk on the Strip. No matter what local bloggers want to claim, these people are not coming back after witnessing Sisolak’s new Vegas!