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Man Climbs Side of Aria Hotel on Las Vegas Strip to Protest Sisolak’s Mask Mandate

Maison Des Champs, a Las Vegas rock climber scaled 60+ floors on the side of the Aria

Maison DesChamps, a Las Vegas rock climber scaled 60+ floors on the side of the Aria on Tuesday to protest Governor Sisolak’s latest business killing COVID-19 mask mandates.

He left the following message on his Instagram page:

One of the reasons I am so passionate about Fighting these mandates is because of my relationship with mental health. When I was 16 my parents moved me from Hartland, Michigan to Los Angeles, California.

My entire life was uprooted and I suffered greatly. Every day I thought about killing myself. I would like to refrain from further detail, but I will say the only thing that kept me from doing it it was God. When I signed up for college, I did it to make my parents happy, I didn’t expect to live through the summer.

Luckily that summer I took a job in Yosemite National Park and I discovered the beauty of the mountains and the joy of rock climbing. For a long time climbing kept me distracted from my problems until eventually I sort of just grew out of them. Like many other people, the lockdowns caused me to re-examine my mental health, I luckily pulled out of it, but unneeded damage was done.

 Later in October following the lockdowns and just To make matters worse my grandfather committed suicide. It was hard. Not just because of his passing, but because of the way it happened. It was more than the death of my grandfather it was a mirror I was forced to look into.
I’m not sure if the lockdowns contributed to my grandfather’s death, but I will never get to know. Like many others, I have lost a loved one, and like many others I would like to see life get back to normal.

No more mandates, no more masks. People are suffering. Politics have gotten in the way of not only freedom but public health. Staying inside should be a personal risk assessment, why should someone who is young and healthy be forced to risk their mental health just so they can hide from a cough? Enough is enough. We as American must stand up for personal freedom and stand up for mental health.

I hope this message encourages people to come and help protest on August 14 on Las Vegas Boulevard (the strip). Let’s show Governor Sisolak that Americans what life to go back to normal.

The Mandate Protest on the Las Vegas Strip on August 14th starts at 8am in front of Planet Hollywood.

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