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Man Arrested for Bestiality as Las Vegas Pride Event Promotes Simulated Animal Sex at Festival

Las Vegas Pride Event

In the latest story on how far society has fallen, a Las Vegas man was just arrested for sexually assaulting a dog. 20-year-old Miguel Deniz was arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police last week on a charge of bestiality for allegedly sexually assaulting a dog.

A witness from the apartment building he lived in called the police after they said they caught him sexually assaulting the dog on numerous occasions. The witness told police they saw him rubbing the dog’s genitals and kissing the animal.

“[A witness] stated that in the past, he had kissed [the dog] in the mouth with his tongue,” police wrote in a report. “[The witness] has warned Miguel not to kiss the dog like that as he could get an infection or disease… [The witness] also would observe Miguel slap the dog on the butt and fondle [the dog’s] testicles on a regular basis, which she believed was about once or twice a week.”

Deniz told police  “he did not want to incriminate himself.”

This is the Culture they are pushing down your throat!

The mainstream media won’t report on this, but we will. This is the culture that they are promoting, this is the real PRIDE month…

This sick and twisted news comes as the Las Vegas Pride organization has been exposed for promoting simulated animal sex at a so-called Proud and Kinky Pride festival that is being promoted to children and teenagers in Las Vegas.

As we reported last month, the sick and twisted event has dozens of corporate sponsors, including Cox Cable, MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, the Sahara Casino, Jack Daniels, Bud Light, and even the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation.

The Las Vegas Pride organization, which frequently promotes a pro-bestiality group called the Las Vegas Pup Coalition, not only proudly features them in their “Proud and Kinky” Magazine but invites them to the Las Vegas Pride Festival and promotes their simulated animal sex acts. It’s beyond bizarre the companies like MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment are giving these sickos large sums of money to keep these events going!

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