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LVCVA to spend $7 Million in Taxpayer Money to buy F1 Tickets for Friends, Family and Bribes!

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In the latest corruption in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), a taxpayer-funded scam of an organization that wastes hundreds of millions of dollars to fill their own pockets, is yet again screwing hard-working taxpayers in an attempt to steal $7 million to essentially party during the inaugural Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The plan (scam) calls for the agency to spend millions buying tickets for themselves, their friends, family members, and so-called stakeholders (people they are bribing and paying off for future favors).

  • $3.45 million worth of race and hospitality tickets for “current and future customers.”
  • $750,000 in tickets for key destination partners.
  • $2.8 million worth of tickets to be resold to properties, partners, and community members.

The Formula 1 Scam is just the latest taxpayer-subsidized sporting event that will allow local politicians to hobnob with the rich and famous, all on our dime. On top of the partying at your expense, the Las Vegas Strip section of the Las Vegas Grand Prix road circuit be rebuilt for the race, along with the entire 3.8-mile route.

Millions of dollars have already been stolen to bring Formula One here to Las Vegas.

Back in May of 2022, the LVCVA voted to spend $19.5 million for a so-called “sponsorship” agreement for the race that will be spent over three years. But, of course, this is nothing new to the agency, which has been stealing tax dollars so they can party and rub elbows with the elite for decades.

As we’ve reported on multiple times in the past, as the agency allowed the convention industry to crash into the ground while supporting the Steve Sisolak shutdowns and mandates that destroyed our economy, they were spending hundreds of millions of dollars on idiotic ad campaigns and strippers.

The agency has been funneling over $100 million a year to R&R partners for so-called advertising campaigns. R&R has had the LVCVA contract for at least 40 years, according to KSNV-TV. But according to our sources, much of this money is wasted on elaborate parties and events by R&R Partners. In fact, advertising agency insiders say R&R campaigns have been a complete failure, and the LVCVA knows it.

In 2021, we witnessed one of these boondoggles as we filmed yet another failed R&R campaign where they pretended Vegas was back in business during the height of the mask mandates.

As film crews brought in actors dressed in elegant tuxedos and dresses just feet away, we filmed the real Las Vegas, where bums were passed out in drug-induced comas and tourists saw one of the sick bastards masturbating just feet away from the LVCVA sideshow.

LVCVA spends Millions on Alcohol, Parties, and Strippers!

The LVCVA has been stealing taxpayer money for years to make themselves seem important to the rich and famous! In fact, back in 2017, financial disclosures curated by the LVRJ, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority spent nearly $700,000 on alcohol over three years, $85,000 on adult entertainment and showgirls, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on concerts and shows – all so former Commissioner Lawrence Weekly would party and walk around with “showgirls” — ALL FUNDED BY YOUR TAXES!

Hell, LVCVA even paid the MOB Lawyer – former mayor Oscar Goodman — $72,000 a year  to show up with his showgirls at events. On top of that, the Las Vegas Review Journal uncovered that the LVCVA was using taxpayer money to drive Goodman all over the place — including casinos, the Mob Museum, Nellis Air Force Base, T-Mobile Arena, television stations, restaurants, a golf course and even the local filming of a cult movie.

In 2018, former Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Rossi Ralenkotter and other executives were caught stealing $90,000 in taxpayer money to buy Southwest Airlines gift cards for their family and friends — this is all while he was earning nearly $1 million a year in salary and benefits.

LVCVA Spendt Nearly $165,000 On Attending Super Bowl In Los Angeles

In 2022, LVCVA spent $164,843 in taxpayer money to send its executives to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Three LVCVA executives attended. They were LVCVA Chief Executive Officer/President Steve Hill; Chief Operating Officer Brian Yost; and Lisa Motley, senior director of sports marketing & special events. LVCVA staffer Silvia Perez administered the LVCVA’s Super Bowl expenses and costs, which came out to $164,843.25, according to documents received by LVSportsBiz.com.

The LVCVA board has authorized the tourism agency to spend $40 million in public dollars on Super Bowl 58 at Allegiant Stadium.

For their 2022-2023 budget, the LVCVA approved a $398 million budget — the largest spending plan in the history of the Nevada government agency that was formed back in 1955.


  1. You really should work on your spelling and grammar if you want to be taken seriously as an investigative journalist.

  2. another ripoff like the stadium, Why doesn’t the Raiders pay the loan off ?? They have seen a big appreciation of the team’s value.

  3. This is an expensive diversion to the plain fact that the LV economy is collapsing. Again. Dream is the first of the canaries in the cage. Where are they going to get $400 million in today’s climate? They’re so sure about getting the financing in “a couple of weeks,” but they can’t swing a bridge loan to keep the project going? Dream is dead. Look for the following to fall through in 2023 – OVG, Huntridge redevelopment, Majestic and Allnet and those are just the ones that come to mind. Also, the Harmon projects and who knows, Fontainbleau may wind up dormant for another decade before this is over as well.

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