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Lombardo’s Latest Betrayal: Rewarding Failing Schools with $2 Billion

This week Governor Joe Lombaro has proven exactly what we warned during the elections; he is nothing more than a second term of the Sisolak debacle.

Today, Governor Joe Lombardo chose to stand with Democrats to give over $2 billion in funding to failing Nevada schools. Despite his promises to address the pressing issues of our deteriorating education system and rampant violence in Las Vegas public schools, Lombardo’s instead prioritized non-English speaking students and troubled individuals who contribute to the chaos in our local schools.

Even after Democrats stripped the bill of crucial provisions, such as funding for transportation to charter schools, open zoning, and expansion of Opportunity Scholarships, “Sisolak 2.0” went ahead and signed the bill, further fueling frustration among parents who thought they were voting for someone who would help.

Failure Rewarded as Gifted and Talented Kids are Punished.

If there is any doubt that Lombardo doesn’t give a shit about kids who work their asses off, just look at who will be rewarded with massive amounts of additional funding. In Clark County alone, Gifted and Talented Pupils will receive $4,890,007 while “English Learners” (illegal aliens) and At-Risk Pupils (troublemakers and delinquents) $317,126,876!

This comes as the latest kick in the face to conservatives who voted for the scam artist. This week alone Lombardo has signed into law a bill making Nevada a de-facto abortion tourism state and a bill that forces prison guards to coddle transsexual criminals and punishes guards for using the wrong pronouns!


  1. I have an idea… why not give the money to the school districts already doing good so the kids in the well funded districts can get an even better education and just forget about the trouble making and non English students.

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