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Local Race-Baiting Media Pushing for Segregation and Blacks-Only Groups

Black Only Hate Group

The Las Vegas Review-Journal hit a new low today as they pushed for and promoted racial segregation and the formation of black-only community groups.

This morning they ran an article promoting a black couple, real estate agents Nicci and Jameen Willis, who push for racial segregation and use racism and fear to promote their real estate business — The Willis Team with REMAX Advantage. The couple founded a Facebook group for black-only residents in Henderson, and apparently our local media can’t help but promote racism and segregation!

They told the RJ that they started the group “to find people that look like us, that have similar experiences, to come to have a safe space to interact and connect with each other.” The couple uses the group to promote segregation and advises blacks to stick together and keep their money in their “own community”.

Imagine if a white couple did the same thing and the local media promoted it… Al Sharpton and Obama would be marching in the streets!

black-only group on facebook

The racist blacks-only group now has over 2,500 members, who have all come together to promote an agenda of segregating themselves away from their white neighbors. “We have realtors, lawyers, event planners, a bunch of different business owners within the community, and we all support each other and network,” Jameen Willis told the RJ. They then bragged to the paper, that they use terms like “Do Black people live in Henderson?” to promote their real estate business and use race to make money.

With the help of our local media, the group is busy setting up black-only meetups at black-owned businesses throughout Henderson. Oddly, not only hasn’t a single local politician spoken out against the group, and the fact that they ban other races from attending, but they along with the local media seem to be promoting it.

City of Henderson spokeswoman Madeleine Skains seemed to signal the city has no problem with the black-only group and their promotion of racial segregation in Henderson, telling the RJ that “Henderson has a designated Community Diversity Liaison as a resource for the public to ensure the interests and concerns of underrepresented individuals in the community are understood by city leadership.”

  • Can you imagine Facebook allowing a group of white supremist to organize online and push for racial segregation?
  • Does the RJ believe it’s okay to push racism and segregation because they are black? Would they say the same if a white couple was pushing white-only businesses and meet-ups?
  • Would the city of Henderson be okay with Whites trying to segregate themselves away from blacks?


  1. So good to see a “news” outlet such as this one commenting in an unbiased manner, BAHAHAHA!
    Fear and accusing the group in question of what YOU are (at least) equally guilty of- rascism, works well with many.

  2. Why is Yahoo promoting your crap? I have you blocked on social media. I don’t want to see you, period.

    Also, this article is your usual racially suspect drivel. Grow up.

    • Yet you show up here at my site to comment. You aren’t working with very many braincells are you?

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