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Local Media Helped BLM Plan and Promote Protests and Gave them Free PR

Review Journal BLM protestors

The scumbags in our local media who can’t seem to find a camera crew to cover the mass violence, stabbings, open meth and crack use, vandalism, and homeless encampments on the Las Vegas strip, sent multiple reporters to not only cover BLM protests on the Las Vegas Strip last night, but they openly promoted them and even joined in on the protests.

In preparation for the nationwide chaos that is expected after the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s concludes in the coming weeks, BLM and local media propagandists hit the Las Vegas Strip last night hoping to drum up support and push their unhinged propaganda on the public.

The Las Vegas Review Journal, sent out two of their biggest troublemakers, Reporter Sabrina Schnur and so-called photojournalist Kevin M. Cannon, who somehow manage to find every BLM rally, protest, and orgy in Las Vegas, all while ignoring the mass violence and chaos that go along with these groups. They both routinely cover up violence during these protests and push out BLM propaganda regularly – our source at The RJ tells us that they are deeply in bed with local BLM organizations and get the heads up on what to cover and what not to cover!

They are not journalists, they are activists!

Las Vegas Review Journal Reporter Kevin M. Cannon was so gleeful to be included in the revolution, that the moron actually tweeted out the truth when he gleefully admitted on Twitter that he and his RJ companion had joined the protests! He tweeted “We are now protesting at The Linq.” This is what passes as journalism!

He has since deleted the tweet, looks like he forgot he was on his work twitter — good thing we captured the screenshot!

Las Vegas Review Journal Reporter Kevin M. Cannon admits he is helping BLM

Las Vegas Review Journal Reporter Sabrina Schnur, who are sources say is in bed with a local BLM group that goes by the name of More Than A Hashtag LV, seemed to confirm as much when she promoted key members of the group who routinely retweet her BLM PR reports.

Here is one of her friends in the BLM group, showing her support for the propagandists at the RJ:

The BLM group More Than A Hashtag LV, has also been one of the groups causing trouble for police during the so-called peaceful bike events that we reported on last week.

This isn’t the first time we caught the Las Vegas Review Journal and their reporters openly promoting, lying and covering for BLM

Back in September 2020, when BLM rioted throughout Las Vegas; tried to shutdown traffic; and got in fights, shootings and stabbings throughout the city this is how the RJ and their reporter covered the story.

Wow that seems super peaceful, right? Well here is what she didn’t show you…

Here is what we covered that same weekend:

And of course that same night, we had BLM criminal rappers having a shootout on the Las Vegas Strip! Remember, the RJ claims BLM was peacefully protesting!

That same night we were blocked by 8New Now Reporter Sasha Loftis after we showed proof that she was giving away tactical staging locations of Las Vegas Metro Police officers who were trying to keep control during one of the most chaotic weekends of the year.

Here is a little more of what went down that “peaceful weekend”…

And then we have the time back in October of 2020, when RJ reporter Sabrina Schnur tried to pretend BLM “protestors” were being run over…

What she failed to mention in her tweet, a tweet that was meant to get more people riled up, was it was a black couple with a small child in the back seat that was simply trying to get away from BLM protestors who had begun attacking cars and had been blocking intersections throughout Las Vegas all night.

This is your local media: They are not journalists, they are activists!