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Local Media/Government Trying to Shut Down NFR Events Over Maskless Attendees.

Cowboy Christmas

As the NFR Rodeo makes it’s return to Las Vegas, our local media and government officials are feverishly working to try to get a number of NFR related events shutdown and fined for allowing maskless NFR attendees.

As we reported yesterday, while at the Cowboy Christmas shopping experience at the Las Vegas Convention Center, screaming wackjobs from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority were verbally accosting people as they entered the convention center, making threats and literally screaming at people that they would be removed from the show if they didn’t put on a mask.

While most completely ignored the nonsense, and attended the events without a mask, the damage has been done.

Attendance paled in comparison to previous years, as most stayed home and didn’t even attempt to deal with Sisolak’s mask Nazis. Those that did come likely won’t be back after experiencing the harassment and psychotic behavior from our city officials and their insane security.

This morning, local news stations proudly wrote stories on how they were attempting to get the Governor’s office to do something about these maskless heathens.

KTNV is super proud of becoming the mask Gestapo!

OSHA and Government making Threats on NFR Friendly Casinos and Venues

This morning, a number of Rodeo Friendly venues started getting threats from local government officials that they would be shut down if they continued to allow “maskless cowboys” to make a fool out of our governor. A number of sources have also told us that the Southpoint Hotel and Casino and vendors here for NFR are starting to receive threats from OSHA officials for allowing maskless rodeo professionals and vendors to shop without the compliance masks.