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Local Media attempting to get SHOT Show removed from Vegas – Claim SHOT SHOW is a “Gun Party”


The local media is busy trying to take down one of the largest tradeshows in the world — a show that brings in over $88 million in non-gaming revenue to the Las Vegas economy.

In a carefully choregraphed propaganda campaign, the local media has joined forces with Bloomberg’s anti-gun propaganda wing Students Demand Action, to smear the SHOT Show tradeshow and attempt to paint it as a week long “party” despite knowing full well that it is an industry tradeshow that this year was bigger than CES.

The Las Vegas Sun joined forces in the smear campaign, and despite 100% knowing that SHOT show is one of the largest and most successful tradeshows in the world are running articles claiming it is a party celebrating murder — and disgustinglyusing the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay to try to get SHOT Show kicked out of Las Vegas.

The group has been pushing money to local news organizations and so-called “bloggers” like the degenerate drunk Vital Vegas — a blogger who gets government and casino kickbacks and money to push liberal propaganda — to push out tweets against the SHOT Show.

Earlier in the week the group successfully used the local media to pressure the Venetian to cancel an event with Kyle Rittenhouse – a teenager who defended himself from a child rapist and BLM terrorists during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020.


  1. Vital Vegas- Democrat Robert Telles – accused of murder of a investigative journalist. Illegal from Guatemala accused of stabbing 2 people outside Venetian to death. Vital Vegas? How many people from the shot show killed innocent people??

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