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Life is Beautiful to require proof of vaccination, or a negative covid-19 test

Life Is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas

In the latest attack on freedom, a shitty Las Vegas music festival founded by a cult-leader, drug addict who lit himself on fire in a bizarre drug-induced, suicide ritual, has announced that they will require all attendees to either show proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test.

But of course none of this is about health and safety, it’s about ostracizing those who refuse to inject themselves with the government experiment. It’s about shunning those that will not join the COVID cult!

If this was about health and safety, why are they only requiring the unvaccinated to take the COVID test? Even the CDC now admits that the vaccinated are spreading the virus, so why not make these “vaccinated” super-spreaders to take the test. Oh, that would be like admitting they took the magic jab for nothing. Got it!

This morning, a new preprint study found the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against COVID infections. So again, why wouldn’t you require vaccinated people who are apparently spreading the so-called pandemic like crazy to take the test?

Well, because just like the cult leader Tony Hsieh who started the Life is Beautiful Festival, the proof of vaccine crowd has fallen so far off the deep end that they are no longer able to think for themselves or analyze reality.

Just like the vindictive bastards at the Punk Rock Bowling Festival, who also announced proof of vaccine would be required to attend their outdoor festival, Life is Beautiful is refusing to refund tickets that were purchased before the announcement.

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