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Legacy High School Secretary Beat and Choked by Student: CCSD covering up Fights and Attacks inside Vegas Schools.

Legacy High School

After our report of the brutal beating of a girl at Las Vegas High School, the local media were forced into covering what happened and as a result some teachers are finally coming out to talk about the violent conditions inside CCSD schools throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Yesterday, 8NewsNow reported yet another attack that CCSD had covered up this week, until sources at Legacy High School came forward to report a brutal attack on a high school secretary. Earlier in the week, a 17-year-old female student attacked the principal’s secretary, punching her multiple times in the head and trying to choke her unconscious.

According to 8NewNow, there was never anything that was made public about this incident. A teacher told the station, “We never heard from admin or principal nobody even spoke to us about it.”

After the attack, School officers tried to arrest the student and she began fighting them. This student faces multiple charges which include battery on a protective person, coercion, disorderly conduct, damage to school property, threatening to cause bodily harm to a CCSD employee, they are going to add a burglary charge.

The news follows the vicious beating of a High school girl at Las Vegas High School.

The Legacy High School CCSD doesn’t want you to see.

Since our report, parents and students have been emailing us video and reports of what is really happening inside Las Vegas High Schools. We are in the process of gathering more details, but what we are seeing is beyond shocking and looks like a daily occurrence in almost every high school in the valley.

Years of unreported violence, stabbings, riots and gunfire inside CCSD schools…

Sadly none of this is new for CCSD schools. For the last couple years, we have been covering the almost daily violence and assaults inside Las Vegas Schools. And today, we posted a report of the violence in our middle schools as well.

Your Kids are not safe at CCSD Schools!

Please read our article on the benefits of homeschooling and how to homeschool your child in Las Vegas! Their lives depend on it!


  1. Teachers don’t care. They seem to get a rise out of the violence – like watching fights in the Roman arenas! It could happen right in front of them and claim they saw nothing. Been that way at least since the 70s.

    • You are aboutly correct on this. Yes just like a roman area even in the 70,s. The reason for this going on is because their has been no church since even before the 70,s. Ie there has no fear of God in Heaven for that long.

  2. Are you kidding me? Teachers don’t care? What do you expect them to do in a mob situation. Get maimed and beat in the head because these students have zero regard for human life? Something NEEDS to change here and it is not on the part of the teachers. We are here to teach curriculum, and prepare for the future, not mediate fights in a boxing ring. This is sickening, mayhem is why teachers are quitting at record rates. Look in the mirror before you speak!

    • Listen here missy. Children are in your care during the day. And I DGAF what the district rules are you call the cops. A crime was committed and a child beating on conscience and no one did anything and the teacher involved colluded to cover it up. When they are in your care it is your job to care for them you dingdong! And comments like this are exactly why public school teachers are rapidly losing the Americans support for anything. Because you know just doing my job doesn’t work for anybody including you

  3. Teachers hands are “tied”… CCSD will not protect them from these students.
    I remember when l was coming up, a student better not raise their voices or swear at a teacher because they will be suspended until the principle, the teacher and their parents had met to resolve the behavior.
    I remember my parents threatened me that if l acted up in class or deprived my classmates from learning… “hell was coming” where l stood, whither it be in the office, the classroom. And after the punishment had been rendered, l had to write an apology letter to my teach and classmates.
    I do not not how they are handling the events at the school but the parents must be involved to correct these behaviors.

  4. If the student-criminal is black, and if the teacher is white and tries to stop the little darling from beating on another student, the teacher will be sued for Racism!, and perhaps BLM will burn down the school in mostly-peaceful protest. So I don’t blame the teachers for not intervening in a no-win situation.

    • But the student is not Black. The student assaulting this teacher is white. Stick to the facts

  5. Discipline was removed out of schools decades ago. Accountability for completing assignments, attendance, teaching and actually learning..also tossed. Too many parents who never should have been parents to begin with
    who themselves weren’t taught self discipline and respect and surely didn’t teach it to their kids. There have been too many instances of misconduct on the parts of many teachers or other school officials that have gone unchecked. And on the other side there have been many instances of students attacking teachers and no repercussions there. Many of the parents of these unruly kids would happily join in beating up a teacher or even another student because you know..”ain’t nobody gonna tell my child what to do”. Look at how many instances where security guards or officers in schools have manhandled or brutalized kids & teens. A vicious cycle of fear, apathy & anger. There is a conscious deliberate mindset to do nothing to stem this trend. The school boards are fine with this chaos especially when it comes to large overcrowded ill equipped inner city schools. They want these kids to come out uneducated and unable to adequately compete in society. Pathetic…

  6. Look no further than the NV education dept and the NV legislation on why teachers are victimized by kids also why kids are victimized by kids returned to classrooms.

    And https://www.leg.state.nv.us/nrs/nrs-391.html

    Teachers even not being paid have stepped up to support their students through home visits that didn’t require weapons.

    The fiasco that took place today at the board meeting and the second grant approved for more policing of children getting pepper sprayed while at school by in equipped and untrained individuals when the true caring school employees from teachers to lunch ladies have had their pay cut and let us not forget Teachers Health Trust that “lost $40 million” for healthcare for educators in the Clark County School District. Multi degreed individuals in education and the offering of $15 per hour for new higher which is what 18 year olds make as new hires since the pandemic. Yet CCSD School police awarded a “grant” of $96,000 just alone for battering ram vehicles to natter down gates apartment complexes and housing communities along with $4 million plus in cahoots with LVMPD and without any regard for community based organizations which cost zero dollars to tax payers. Seems like a hard and long stretch for a certain individual who is running for governor.

    Regardless of if you have school age kids these are our future decision makers and officials being impacted. Kids do grow up and “mental health” is all over the narrative of this district CCSD. Mental health does not require pepper spray or guns on large groups of children. Mental health requires professionals in the field of psychology, peer support including moms, dads and grandparents and community advocates with the same story or a similar story as well as representation. Not millions poured into only weeks long trained individuals with guns and a trigger finger on pepper spray to prop up a political candidate to look like that individual did something.

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