Home Crime Man Arrested in Latest Las Vegas Strip Stabbing at the Cosmopolitan

Man Arrested in Latest Las Vegas Strip Stabbing at the Cosmopolitan

Chris Okoronkwo, 33, of Las Vegas
Chris Okoronkwo, 33, of Las Vegas - Charges with attempting to murder a man at the Cosmopolitan

Las Vegas police have arrested Chris Okoronkwo, 33, of Las Vegas, for attempting to murder a man at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Police say he stabbed a man on the 37th floor of the Cosmopolitan after a fight broke out between four men on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Police say Okoronkwo stabbed a California man at least three times and punched and knocked unconscious another man during the fight. The stabbing left the California man with life-threatening injuries.

Okoronkwo is being held at the Clark County Detention Center on suspicion of attempted murder, assault, and battery with a deadly weapon.

Cosmopolitan security officers say they saw Okoronkwo punch one of the “victims” and witnessed the man hit his head on a wall, knocking him out.

“The (stabbing) victim’s injuries required a tourniquet to stop the bleeding which could have resulted in death if not applied,” Metro said in the police report.

“The suspect fled on foot toward two other security guards who were able to safely take him into custody,” police said. “As other security officers were taking him into custody, (the security officer) was able to disarm the suspect by grabbing the knife out of his hand.”

Okoronkwo told police he “was trying to calm everyone down” during the argument when he was hit. “He denied having a knife and could not explain the knife in his possession when Cosmopolitan security detained him.”

As usual, court records show that Okoronkwo was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a separate Las Vegas incident from back in February. Apparently our courts just keep letting these fuckers back on the streets!

Cosmopolitan Closed to Non-Hotel Guests on Weekends

Out of desperation to keep the violence and chaos out of their resorts, the Cosmopolitan put policies in place a couple months back, restricting access to “hotel guests” on the weekends. Apparently that policy doesn’t do much to stop the violence when you then turn around and rent out rooms to ghetto thugs with extensive criminal records!