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Las Vegas Police Launch Operation to Clean Up Strip & Experience Mass Chaos on First Night

Operation Persistent Pressure II

Last night The Las Vegas Metro Police department launched Operation Persistent Pressure II, which they say is meant to crack down on the unprecedented levels of violence on the Las Vegas Strip. The operation is expected to last over the next 60 days, but even as it launched, we still saw major trouble on the Strip even with the increased police presence.

Despite hundreds of officers saturating the Las Vegas Strip, the first weekend of Operation Persistent Pressure II didn’t seem to stop criminals and mentally ill homeless drug addicts from wreaking havoc throughout the Casinos Corridor. In fact, police are investigating several attacks including one in between Harrah’s and Casino Royale that left a man with life-threatening injuries.

Around 3 AM Friday, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Larry Hadfield says they responded to a 911 call of someone being attacked outside of Casino Royale. Police found the victim with apparent life-threatening head trauma, Hadfield said. The specific area is a hot spot for homeless drug addicts; in the past couple of months, we have personally witnessed and filmed multiple overdoses and multiple tourists being attacked by homeless addicts.

Just down the street, police were investigating a murder at a Motel 6 on Tropicana Avenue near Koval. According to Metro, officers located a Black woman in a stairwell suffering from unknown injuries. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and police say they are looking for a 6-foot tall Black man in his mid-20’s.

“I know 2020 has been one of the most unique years we ever had, but unfortunately 2021 has also proven to be quite unique with a lot of challenges,” explained Capt. Dori Koren with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Convention Center Area Command.

“Everyone knows, it’s a top priority to keep the Las Vegas Strip very safe, in all regards, not just a violent crime we’re dealing with but also in terms of traffic safety,” explained Koren.

Earlier in the week, Korean acknowledged something we have been reporting on for over a year, people coming to Las Vegas and attempting to use their vehicles to terrorize people and spread chaos throughout the city.

“Once we started noticing there was a slight uptick in vehicles being a little reckless and doing burnouts or donuts, particularly on [Las Vegas Boulevard], we immediately increased our enforcement efforts,” said Koren.

“And that was the message I was trying to send on social media,” he explained. “We’re showing some of the bad activity [and we] are also showing our response to it.”

Here is one of our reports on the Vehicle Sideshows from earlier in the year.

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Operation Persistent Pressure II comes as many Las Vegas Metro Police officers have grown increasingly frustrated with Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s lack of leadership. For over a year now Lombardo has virtually ignored the Strip, allowed his officers to be used as pawns in Chinatown, and just last week attacked them in the national media calling them lazy and telling the media he was considering mandating the COVID vaccine for officers who refused to take it!

Our sources inside of Metro say that many local police officers feel that Lombardo has made it almost impossible for them to do their job. In fact, many feel that while they are glad to be able to finally do their jobs on the strip, a year of ignoring the problems is going to be a hard thing to undue. They say criminals have already got the word; Las Vegas is a place where they can get away with crimes.

Here is a little of what Las Vegas Metro says they encountered last night: