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Las Vegas Media Ignores Fights and Shooting at Pure Aloha Festival at Craig Ranch Park

Craig Ranch Park Riots

Just when you think the Las Vegas media can’t get more pathetic, this weekend they refused to cover widespread violence at the Pure Aloha Festival in North Las Vegas because they feared losing advertising dollars from the event organizers.

As we reported — and were then attacked by local idiot Twitter bloggers who are paid to push positive PR for casinos, the local government, and anyone who has a couple of bucks to send these lowlife propaganda-pushing scum —  there were multiple large-scale riot/mob fights inside the Pure Aloha Festival at Craig Ranch Park in North Las Vegas. There was also a number of shootings as people tried to flee the festival, of course the local media is oddly silent about that as well…

While the local media either ignored or flat out lied about what happened, as the videos show widespread chaos ripped through the festival which then spilled out into the parking lot, the streets and to surrounding businesses.


  1. It’s “Progressives”, a new breed of virtue signaling, huge money backed from corporations, big pharma and all of the feeling guilty etiitist white people with disposable income, who have no problem with sitting back and watching their divisive narratives play out on mainstream/corporate media, without ANY regard for the actual people. Grifters are going to grift and Progressives need their own outhouse. While they shit on everyone and everything.

  2. Yet when we had the Rugby 7’s there were hundred of off duty cops just in case there was trouble. There was NONE. Rugby fans and players are normal. A new bad element in town.

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