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Las Vegas COVID Positive Health Care Workers Forced to Work while Sick at Valley Hospitals

Mountain View Hospital

In the latest edition of none of this shit makes sense, we have learned that thanks to the new CDC guidelines, and the fact that unvaccinated healthcare workers were fired from their jobs, COVID positive doctors, nurses, and frontline healthcare workers are being forced to work at Las Vegas Hospitals while sick, potentially spreading the virus to immunocompromised patients.

While governor Steve Sisolak is busy targeting conventions and businesses over mask mandates, local hospitals are forcing infected healthcare workers to work while they are sick with COVID.

Local hospitals like Mountain View Hospital, a hospital that allowed local news channel 8News to lie about COVID conditions at the hospital, are requiring healthcare workers to come to work, even if they are actively sick.

“It’s just hard to be a health care worker right now,” Nicole Taylor, a nurse at MountainView Hospital, told KTNV.

Hospitals are saying they’re following updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines in addressing staffing shortages – shortages that were created when healthy unvaccinated healthcare workers were fired from their jobs because they were supposedly a risk to public health.

“It feels that the government and the hospitals have failed health care workers and, essentially, the community,” Taylor said.

Nicole Taylor is speaking out on new policies where infected health care workers can stay on the job if they show mild or no symptoms of COVID-19. It’s based on updated CDC guidelines if there’s a critical staff shortage. Nevada hospital firm Dignity Health says they’re following those guidelines, too.

Firing doctors and nurses if they don’t get the Covid vaccine, while allowing sick, COVID positive Vaxxed workers see Patients!

Think about the insanity here; In California and Nevada, they are firing healthy COVID-free doctors and nurses who refuse the COVID vaccine. But as long as you get the COVID vaccine, you can be COVID positive, actively sick and infectious and be allowed to treat patients.

Dignity Health, with medical centers in Henderson, southwest Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas, issued a statement saying they are following CDC guidelines and say they are allowing infected healthcare workers to treat patients due to the rapid spread of the omicron variant in southern Nevada.

We also obtained this internal memo detailing the policy.

They’re going to be infecting everyone in the hospital because these doctors and nurses are required to work while COVID positive, thanks in large part to the push to fire unvaccinated workers!

The Nevada Hospital Association last week declared a staffing crisis in southern Nevada and some rural areas. Officials issued a plea for people not to crowd emergency rooms in search of coronavirus tests – something that has overwhelmed local hospitals thanks to the governor’s constant propaganda that people need to be tested.

Demand for COVID-19 tests has created long lines at a relocated drive-through testing center set up at Sam Boyd Stadium southeast of downtown Las Vegas. The system has been overwhelmed because of the governor, and nurses are telling us that while hospitalizations are down, the demand created by perfectly healthy people showing up in the ER demanding to be tested for COVID has crippled their ability to treat patients.

Actual COVID hospitalizations at all time low!

While the governor and the local media feverishly again try to trick the public into thinking these hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients, it seems there may be more infected healthcare workers on the job than actual COVID sick patients. In fact, according to the Southern Nevada Health District’s latest data, COVID hospitalizations are at an all time low! The only thing overwhelming hospitals is mentally ill people demanding tests for a virus they don’t have!


  1. I am going to look into who owns this Hospital now. What corporate group? When it was St Rose Dominican (Caholics) it was great but boy is it different now! Creepy

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