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Las Vegas Chamber Stabs Businesses in Back and Pushes Return of Mask Mandates

Las Vegas Chamber Mask Mandate

This week, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce will again require everyone wears masks to their events and inside their buildings, regardless of vaccination status.

The move comes as behind the scenes deals are being made with Governor Sisolak’s Office to pressure private businesses into reintroducing the mask mandates on their own, so that come election time it doesn’t come back to hurt the Governor – this way he can pretend his hands are clean and claim “it’s private business doing it”.

Unfortunately for Sisolak, last week we exposed his plan and released a memo sent out internally at the Sands Corporation that proved it was Sisolak himself, using the weight of his office to pressure Casinos into pushing the mask mandates and further cracking down on unvaccinated workers.

We’ve learned that the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has signed on to the plan, and has begun pushing private businesses who are part of their organization to push mask mandates on their customers. It seems the word has started to go out, that if businesses don’t do this “on their own” the Clark County commission will again mandate it on a county level and could start penalizing businesses with capacity limits as early as next month.

A representative of the Vegas Chamber said last week, that starting today the Chamber will begin requiring all individuals at its events and in its offices to wear masks. “In addition to a public health issue this is an economic issue, which is why as an organization we are going to require full masks at our events and place of business,” said Cara Clarke, the chamber’s vice president of communications. “And we’re encouraging other businesses to do the same because we want to keep Las Vegas open.”

The Chamber also started rolling out last year’s masks PSA propaganda again, putting videos telling their members to wear masks on the homepage of their website.

Las Vegas Chamber website

Latest news from Sisolak’s behind the scenes directives to reenact mask mandates, shut downs and use Casinos to Force Vaccinations!

UPDATE: Las Vegas Chamber confirms at Clark County Emergency Meeting that they support forcing workers in Clark County to go back to wearing masks regardless of vaccination status.