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King Sisolak Threatens to Destroy Nevada economy with more Lockdowns – Threatens Citizens They Better Stay Home or Else


Now that Nevada Democrats believe they have successfully stolen the election with their mass voter fraud scheme, they have stepped up efforts to punish the public, destroy our economy and kill fun! King Fat Ass (Sisolak) held a press conference to give his royal decree today where he threatened the state that another shutdown was coming if they don’t obey every one of his orders.

He called his new plan Stay at Home 2.0

He first threatened homeowners and people who dare have family over during the holidays…. Demanding that you STAY HOME! And warning you better not have people over to your home for dinner! Better cancel those thanksgiving family dinners serfs!

He then proceeded to threaten small business owners, letting them know that the Brown Shirts (COVID Enforcement Teams) would be ramping up patrols ready to punish, shutdown and destroy their businesses if they dare not comply with his royal decree…

And then he put the final nail in the coffin for small bars, restaurants and small businesses that depend on in-person customers and can’t simply switch their business model to accommodate this curb-side bullshit!

The hypocrite then tried to defend why Casinos get special treatment over churches, small businesses and bars…

But don’t worry, if you are a Sisolak approved visitor you can still shoot up the Circus Circus and terrorize our city! Not once did he mention the months of violence on the strip or ask his new approved visitors to stop stabbingfightingriotingshooting and stabbing people in Las Vegas!

He also never mentioned how we now have solid proof that he is lying about the numbers!

Oh yeah, and he’s really mad at bloggers!