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First Lady Kathy Sisolak Hosted Maskless Asian Gala at Paris Casino in Las Vegas

Kathy Sisolak defies mask mandate

In the latest edition of Rules for Thee, we have learned that Governor Steve Sisolak’s wife, Kathy Sisolak, along with several prominent Nevada Democrats hosted yet another party where they openly defied the mask mandates that they put in place for the public.

Earlier in the month, Nevada First Lady Kathy Sisolak joined the ACLU of Nevada, the Asian Community Development Council, and several members of the Clark County government to  throw a Gala at the Paris Hotel and Casino where none of the Democrats in attendance followed the indoor mask mandate.

Here you have the Executive Director of the ACLU of Nevada dancing maskless to the stage to meet a maskless Kathy Sisolak…

Here you have Democrat Chair of the Clark County AAPI Community Commission Craig Valdez and Angelyn Tabalba, AAPI Democratic Caucus of Nevada Chair proudly ignoring the Nevada mask mandate.

And Nevada State Senator Fabian Doñate ignoring the mask mandate…

And of course, Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones

And here you have Nevada Democrat Bethany Khan, Director of Communications & Digital Strategy at the Culinary Union, dancing maskless up to the stage to meet with the maskless First Lady, Kathy Sisolak.

As we pointed out earlier in the week, when we exposed numerous Nevada Democrats who continue to defy the mandates they expect you to follow, if the people who imposed the mask mandate are not worried about COVID, then why is the public still continuing to follow these hypocrites unlawful orders?