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Joey Gilbert’s Failed Campaign Sending Useful Idiots to Protest Trump and Help Sisolak Win Election

Democrat Plant and Conman Joey Gilbert

After losing the Republican primary and then losing his recount, Democrat plant Joey Gilbert is now attempting to ensure Steve Sisolak becomes Governor again so he can stay in the public spotlight.

This afternoon the Gilbert campaign is planning to send protestors out to Trump Tower in Las Vegas to protest former President Trump, who will meet with Republican nominees Adam Laxalt and Joe Lombardo.

A mass text went out to his useful idiots, encouraging them to go start trouble.

Some of the texts and Facebook messages that went out this morning encouraged people to breach the building and to try to get into Treasure Island to disrupt his speech and cause chaos inside the campaign event.

Democrat Plant Joey Gilbert Attempting to get Sisolak reelected!!!

Before the elections, we exposed Gilbert as a Democrat plant who was actually working to help get Sisolak reelected. In fact, Gilbert has zero interest in becoming Governor, but he does have a huge interest in staying in the public spotlight at all costs. The moment he lost the primary, he instantly launched a book, a book tour, and a public speaking tour to capitalize on his LOSS!

As we’ve pointed out numerous times in the past, Joey Gilbert is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The longtime Democrat fundraiser, a guy who literally gave money to socialists in Clark County, somehow managed to trick people into believing he was a conservative – despite running a law firm that floods Nevada with illegal aliens and has been caught tipping off illegals to coming ICE raids on numerous occasions.

A History of Hardcore Drug Use and Supporting Socialist Democrats

Back in 2007 Gilbert was suspended from boxing after being caught using stanazolol metabolite (an anabolic steroid), as well as methamphetamine, amphetamine, nordiazepam, oxazepam, and temazepam. Months earlier when he fought Juan Astorga at the Reno Events Center, Gilbert voluntarily submitted to a urinalysis drug screening and was caught using Ambien (a sleep medication), Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug) Ultracet and amphetamine. Here is the full report from ESPN.

Joey Gilbert has financial interests in over 80 dispensaries in Nevada. He has openly admitted that his support for Tick Segerbloom was all about legalizing the drug. Gilbert was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association and a member of the NORML Legal Committee.

Here you have a guy who is willing to sell out his state so he can do more drugs and financially benefit from flooding our state with potheads. Just take a walk down the strip, the constant pot smoke and crime can be directly attributed to Gilbert and Tick Segerbloom, both of whom wanted to be legal drug dealers and sold you out to do just that!

Gilbert, despite claiming he had no idea that Segerbloom was a socialist when he donated to his campaign, has a long history with Tick, and even helped him draft a bill, SB 236, to make Vegas a haven for drug addicts.

Mr. Gilbert, along with his partner of 20+ years, Clint Cates, licensed and built one of Nevada’s premiere Cultivation and Production Establishments, CANNAVATIVE, resulting in one of Nevada’s first operationally successful cannabis companies in the state. Later he helped license and build Reno’s only Dispensary in the Downtown Entertainment District, MYNT voted as the best dispensary in Reno.

But again, don’t take our word for it, we have the proof. Just head on over to the Parliament group where he is listed as the Director of Governmental Affairs of MYNT Cannabis Dispensary. And in case, like his law firm, they delete the page here is the screenshot…

Here he is at one of his dispensaries, openly violating the law by allowing children inside…


  1. Ego maniac. Jon Rawlstongue online rag will cover. Might even make MSNBC. Free publicity. As long as they spell his name right

  2. Didn’t see any media accounts of Gilbert Gang people showing up, just some Biden Blowers in clown Suits

  3. I get you don’t like Gilbert and that’s ok but I don’t like Lombardo. His lies about the Route 91 shooting stick in my craw – how can he get the check in date wrong?! And 3 women were registered to the room!! The whole thing is a clown show. I will not vote. For either Suckalot or Dumbardo. Will not – working on getting the heck outta here. The zombies are shooting the horses now!

    • Lambardo definitely not best candidate and running a weak campaign. – he should state that he supports fossil fuels unlike Sisolak who wants to eliminate them by 2050. A pipeline from UT or WY refineries to NV would lower prices and give NV. One pipeline from SoCal is not enough

  4. When the political establishment asks you to choose between a dog turd sandwich or a cat poop muffin the only sane answer is NOT HUNGRY.

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