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It Begins Again! CES to require negative COVID Test for travelers from China, Hong Kong, & Macau

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In what seems to be another episode of Ground Hog’s Day, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will require proof of a negative COVID-19 test for anyone visiting from China, Hong Kong, and Macau. All exhibitors or attendees traveling from China, Macao, or Hong Kong and arriving in the U.S. on Jan. 1-4 will have to provide a negative test at CES badge pickup, according to the CTA.

On January 5th, the federal government will require travelers from China, Macao, or Hong Kong to present a negative test to their airline. “There are mounting concerns in the international community on the ongoing Covid-19 surges in China and the lack of transparent data, including viral genomic sequence data, being reported from the PRC,” the U.S. officials said, referring to the People’s Republic of China.

Even though 90% of the people in China are vaccinated, and 100% are required to wear masks, government officials and lockdown proponents claim China is currently having the largest COVID outbreak worldwide.

Media Feverishly trying to claim CES as the first Superspreader event!

Last weekend, the media began targeting Las Vegas trade shows again, feverishly claiming that the 2020 CES show may have been the first COVID super spreader event and pushing the theory that it was the cause of the original COVID outbreak.

Forbes ran an entire article, titled will 100,000 Brave COVID For January Consumer Electronics Show? Keep in mind the show used to attract over 190,000 attendees and exhibitors. But the media, who is determined to push us back into lockdowns is busy trying to convince people they will die if they come to Las Vegas. Sadly, that may be true but it won’t be because of COVID!

Tradeshow Industry Dying in Las Vegas, despite what Media Propagandists say!

While the local media and corrupt local politicians lie and try to pretend that the tradeshow industry is back, CES is expected to be only half the size of its pre-covid lockdown attendance. The truth is, people are scared to send their employees to Las Vegas, and it has nothing to do with the big, bad COVID bogeyman. With nighly shootings, stabbings, beatings, and homeless camps all over the Las Vegas Strip, it’s simply not worth the risk of having one of your employees murdered during a Vegas trade show.

Just last night, Las Vegas experienced yet another shooting on Fremont Street. When your employees are forced to run for their lives and are locked inside casinos for hours because people are shooting and killing each other right outside the resort’s doors, do you think people are going to keep sending their employees to Las Vegas for business?

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