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Internal MGM Memo Warns Capacity restrictions coming if people don’t get the vaccine!

MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle and Steve Sisolak

MGM is fully onboard Governor Steve Sisoak’s destroy the Las Vegas Economy 2.0 campaign!

Today, MGM resorts sent out a memo informing workers that effective 12:01am PT on Friday, July 30th all guests and visitors at its Las Vegas properties will be required to wear masks. While we knew this was coming, and have for months told you the MGM and Sisolak were pushing behind the scenes shut downs, they seemed to confirm that more mandates are coming.

In the memo, MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle yet again makes a thinly veiled threat to those that have not taken the experimental vaccine by saying that “more restrictive measures, including a return to social distancing and capacity restrictions, could be around the corner”.

The threats come as the entire industry is dealing with a flood of cancellations !

Within minutes of Steve Sisolak’s announcement that he had reinstated the indoor mask mandate for Clark County and 11 other counties in Nevada, restaurants, hotels and convention organizers were flooded with people already cancelling their plans ahead of Friday’s mask mandate. A number of large tradeshows are also reportedly in talks to move out of Las Vegas for good, to more freedom friendly states like Florida and Texas.

Latest news from Sisolak’s behind the scenes directives to reenact mask mandates, shut downs and use the Casinos to Force Vaccinations!