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If there is nothing to hide, Why are Trump officials not allowed to observe mail-in ballot verification in Nevada

Vegas Voter

After hearing the democrats cry for four years about election integrity, it seems odd that Steve Sisolak and Nevada Democrats are blocking Trump officials from being able to observe the Mail-In Ballot Signature verification process.

If they have nothing to hide, why not let them watch it? In fact, why is every step of the process not recorded and available for any party to observe either in-person or by video feed? The truth is, Democrats never actually wanted election integrity!

We’ve also heard from hundreds of people who are saying that they voted on election day in Nevada, but their status is being marked as “provisional” or their vote is nowhere to be found.

I checked myself, and despite voting in-person on election day my voting status is being shown as a provisional ballot.

You can check your voter status on https://www.nvsos.gov/votersearch/ – Tweet us with your stories and what you found — we are hearing that people are finding that thier voter history shows they voted in elections in Nevada that they never actually voted in over the past 10 years!