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Huge COVID outbreak at Fully Vaxxed CES Convention

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While CES officials and Governor Steve Sisolak are going into overdrive trying to cover up the situation, we have learned that a huge number of people who attended the so-called “fully vaccinated” Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have come down with COVID.

As we reported earlier in the year, CES required all attendees to show that they were fully vaccinated, and they banned all staff, exhibitors, and attendees who were not vaccinated. But now we are learning that according to South Korean health officials, at least 70 South Korean nationals who attended CES in Las Vegas last week, including 20 executives from Samsung Electronics, tested positive for COVID-19 and were delayed returning home, according to Korean news reports.

“Many Korean businesspeople who attended CES … are now confirmed to be infected with COVID-19,” Son Young-rae, a senior South Korean health ministry official, told a briefing, according to a Reuters report. “We are promptly contacting those who participated in the event and conducting epidemiological investigations, but we urge domestic businesspeople or those who are in Korea that attended the event to undergo PCR tests as soon as possible,” he said.

“We are aware of media reports that some individuals who participated in CES in January 2022 tested positive to COVID-19 upon their return,” a representative of the Consumer Technology Association, operators of CES, said in a statement.

We are hearing the numbers are actually much higher, and our sources inside CES say this is much larger than the South Korean reports, but so far South Korea is the only one confirming that there was indeed a giant outbreak at CES.

“We don’t have confirmation of the number of cases as it is extremely difficult to determine exactly when and where anyone contracted COVID-19. Results from testing done onsite by medical staff were reported to the local Southern Nevada Health Authorities.”

Samsung Electronics dispatched chartered flights to Las Vegas to bring home some 20 staff members and executives who tested positive for COVID-19 at the CES 2022 trade show, according to industry sources Wednesday.

Communist China Style Health Checks and Mandates DID NOTHING!!!

While other shows in Las Vegas refused to adopt Sisolak’s Chinese style mandates, the Consumer Electronics Show went full-out communist. Protocols for the show included:

  • A full ban on unvaccinated attendees, exhibitors, and speakers.
  • Mandatory Vaccine passports showing proof of full vaccination status to pick up show badges.
  • COVID-19 tests within the 24 hour period prior to entering a CES venue.
  • Masks while at any CES event, booth, indoor exhibit facilities, conference, and shuttle busses.
  • Testing facilities throughout the show for anyone exhibiting symptoms during the show.
  • RT-PCR tests for attendees who are traveling back to their international destination and who require a test to travel.

I guess banning the unvaccinated not only didn’t stop the magic virus but is also cost our city $300 million in non-gaming revenue after the show ‘s attendance collapsed from the usual 185,000 people to around 30,000 attendees.


  1. Pointing out that just .13% of those attending/working at this year’s CES ended up testing positive for Covid is not the indictment of the vaccine that you think it is,

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