How to have a Successful Las Vegas Convention: Vegas Tradeshow Tips

Las Vegas is probably one of the best places in the world to have a convention. People pour into the city from all around the world to visit these shows, helping to expose your products and services to a wide range of people and potential customers.

Las Vegas Convention Center

But for all the benefits of having a trade show in Las Vegas, there can be some challenges – specifically, getting noticed. Las Vegas conventions can be extremely competitive, and trying to get noticed amid a sea of booths can be a challenge. If you’re going to spend the time and money on a tradeshow booth, you need to make sure you have a successful show.

Attracting Prospects to your Convention Booth & Capturing Excitement and Leads

A successful trade show is all about capturing attention, generating buzz around your products and services, and most importantly generating as many potential leads as possible. To ensure a successful tradeshow, there are some things you can’t ignore.

Booth Location is Vital

Entering into a Las Vegas Convention

According to Robert Richardson, Owner of Richardson Marketing, one of the top convention services companies in Las Vegas, one of your first and most important considerations when planning an exhibit at a Las Vegas Convention is to make sure you pick a good location. “The location of your booth can mean the difference between going home with a couple of decent leads, and literally leaving the show with thousands of highly qualified leads.”

Keep in mind that prime locations often sell out quickly, and some spots are actually reserved years in advance, so start early and make sure you pick a spot where you will have heavy foot traffic flows throughout the show.

You Booth Needs to Capture Attention

A Custom Richardson Graphics Tradeshow Booth in the Las Vegas Convetion Center

Tradeshow attendees spend all day walking through a sea of exhibitors, so if you’re going to spend money exhibiting at a trade show, you need to make sure your entire booth is designed to attract visitors. Richardson told us, “Simply showing up is not enough; and simply having a booth does not guarantee people are going to stop or be interested in what you have to offer.”

Take the time to sit down with a professional tradeshow exhibit company that can help steer you in the right direction. A good exhibit should attract attention, have strategically placed booth staff who is ready to answer questions and capture attendee information, and it should be highly approachable and allow attendees to feel comfortable when walking up to the booth.

Don’t Neglect Preshow Marketing & Outreach

Social Media Icons

To help ensure a successful event, you need to start reaching out to potential leads before the show ever starts. That means putting together a pre-show marketing plan that includes things like hyping up contests that you will have during the show, show-only specials that you promote via social media, and since it’s Vegas, happy hour and after hours show events.

  • Integrate your social media marketing strategy with your tradeshow plans. The two should act seamlessly together to ensure potential customers show up at your booth.
  • Send out pre-show invites to your prospects, sales reps, and vendors.
  • Don’t forget the press: Most conventions will invite important media contacts to the show, and many tradeshows will provide you with a preshow list of registered media and their email addresses. Use this list to invite PR reps and media contacts to your booth.

Set Appointments right at the Show

People walking through a convention

Far too many companies go to trade shows thinking they are only there to exhibit their products and services. While you can’t ignore the exhibit component, once you have them you need to make sure they don’t get away.

If you don’t have reps that can work the show, hire some promotional salespeople or booth models who can instantly capture leads and information from convention attendees. Every single one of your reps, or booth models, should be scanning business cards, taking requests for orders, and even setting up after show appointments at the show.