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Hookah Shooter Had 82+ Arrests 9 Felonies – This is what Democrat Privilege looks Like!

Lee Wilson

According to court records, the scumbag who shot 14 people at a so-called hookah lounge – which was actually an illegal black-only nightclub – was previously arrested at least 82 times and had 9 felony convictions on his record.

While the media wants to bury this case as fast as they can because it shows the utter ridiculousness of their nightly reporting on “white privilege” and racism, the fact is this is what racism actually looks like – a system that allows black criminals on the street no matter how many times they rape, rob, assault and kill.

82 arrests and 9 prior felony convictions

The suspect, identified as Lee Wilson, 44, was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Clark County Detention Center on one count of open murder and 12 counts of attempted murder, police said. Wilson’s prior record included not only 82 arrests, but a lengthy criminal background of violence against people and animals that includes charges of drug possession, domestic violence, attempted murder, killing an animal, conspiracy to commit murder, burglary, and discharging a firearm into a vehicle.

This is what Black Privilege looks like, and why our streets are so Dangerous thanks to the Democrat Party who chooses to enslave the black community!

Despite 82 arrests and 9 prior felony convictions, Wilson somehow managed to spend more time on the streets robbing, killing, and throwing the black communities he preyed on into chaos than spending actual time in jail for his crimes.

These are the people the Democrat’s want out on the streets!

Within hours of the news breaking, we were one of the only news outlets to even report on the color of the shooter, the so-called victim’s color, and the color of the people in the club. Las Vegas Metropolitan police and the entire local Las Vegas media refused to even give a description of the shooter or admit that this was known as a blacks-only nightclub that was illegally operating in a shopping center known for rampant crime, drug sales, human trafficking, and prostitution.

And speaking of the so-called “victim”.

33-year-old Demetreus Beard, the so-called victim’s social media accounts are filled with images of him throwing up gang signs, attending memorial after memorial of other so-called black victims who were also killed in black on black gun violence, and threats of violence.

While the media and the democrat party in Nevada attend more fake vigils, what most won’t tell you is that the so-called victim was no saint himself. In fact, as we reported the day this happened, he is a well-known gang member with a long history of violence. In fact, these criminals bounce in and out of court so often, that the shooter’s public defender will probably have to recuse himself because the man who died after the shooting — 33-year-old Demetreus Beard — was also defended by this lawyer in prior criminal cases.

As as for this Blacks-only nightclub, Manny’s Glo Afterdark, it was allowed to operate – just like most of the businesses in the Commercial Center District — without licenses and without a liquor license. Because again, this is what Black Privilege looks like!


  1. There are many who see “Colorism” as the true issue and are humanists and believe in the “Human Race” and that is vast. The ambulance chasers which are is the media, the other pimping and pandering that happens through politicians that not only impact entire communities, cities, counties, states and the country. Even those like many of us with a checkered past are seeking to support in exposing the narritave of wokeness that is the true systemic issue where government and big corps get big write offs to keep generations of families in a perpetual state of dependence and get annoyed when some choose not to be statistics regardless. The 5th estate is the only thing I’m personally thankful for with the onslaught of social media and the internet.

  2. If you don’t sound like a racist!!! Black only club mmhhh there were other races there!! The club obtained their business license 3 weeks prior. Since when has Vegas had “Black” or “White” venues????

  3. This article is exactly why families of victims hate the media. How dare you call him a “so called victim”?!?! Someone past or whatever lifestyle they choose to live doesn’t make them anything less than a victim when a tragedy occurs and you’re not the target at hand. Have some damn sympathy for the families affected by the shooters actions, have some tact about yourself/your business.

    • super disrespectful and shouldn’t be allowed .. no wonder post keep getting taken down this site needs a moderator .. all the violence posted is disgusting ..

  4. So I see folks are talking about the true victim in the comments..I was focused on the shooter. So anyone with a troublesome past including felonies who is minding their business and who is a victim of a crime is a so called victim now? At the same time the shooter needs to be held accountable.My apologies for not reading further beyond the outrage of the shooters history to be able to reoffend.

  5. I am Mr. Beard’s Aunt April. My niece sent me your article. I enjoyed reading it & I get it. I appreciated reading the awareness of what’s really going on & your expression of what continues to be allowed to happen politically…since we got here.
    My response to my niece was lengthy, however, it all summed up to what are we as a community going to do about this or is there anything we can do?

  6. So .. you “update” your news stories that get views and change the narrative with inflammatory hatred, now comments out of the context from the original crime posting This is not a news outlet is nothing but someones personal blog to fan flames to get clicks on affiliate links

  7. 82 arrests, 9 felonies & still on the street. How the F**k is this POS not serving life in prison. What happened to the 3 strike laws

  8. Blacks Only Club???ahahahahahaha. Black cannot be racist. A racist is someone who practices RACISM, Racisim is when one race deprives another race of basic human rights , example _ Housing, Bank Loans, Drinking Fountains, Oppression, I am black and i support the eradication of whites, i hate them, hell i spat on a white lady this morning

    • Lol. I keep 9 rounds on me praying for the day I get to murder some stupid black scumbag face tatted worthless fuck. Hope we meet one day my boy! I would love to ensure your family can’t recognize you and are forced to be cremated.

  9. The racist ones who purport to support and make their life long salaries on keeping safety nets with holes and no foundation… yet they are the “non racist ones.” They ARE the racist ones. They profit off the demise and put downs of ethnic groups throughout history, they also love to say… “See they need US!” Through social welfare programs.

    The white Ally’s who dedicate themselves by conjuring up even more acronyms such as BIPOC and many a thing, including social welfare programs because “We” are just too stupid, broken and oppressed and come with…. We will save you and your legacy of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are the ones to watch and mix in our entire closed door bedroom life as adults to align with you as “oppressed” too.

    Anyone who doesn’t look like you at all or in any form or fashion and asserts their Stance that “they’ve got you.” Maybe take a look at what they purport to support. It’s most not you in your life, your families life, your overcoming… it’s more like “yes please be a pawn or a cog in the machine that we need to keep getting rich and black and brown people need us… as well as our broken systems that breed dependence and news articles to prop ourselves up to say that you need us. The spitting on white people should actually be applied to the white people who say… of course you are destined to peril, the white people who say… of course you are incapable of greatness because of your human melanin content as a shield through the human kind as a natural sunscreen would live and have co tinted to use you…including your children and grandchildren.

    The white people and the political officials that purport to support as Trojan horses really do not give a darn. We are their salary, their pension… as long as they keep saying that we are inept, sub-par and broken throughout decades and generations… they win and get a whole lot of money.. as well as continue to sow division right here in Las Vegas.

    Although maybe scary that anyone 50 and up, who was taught that the house at the end of the block has an American flag or even a flag on the back of a pick up truck.. to be wary of that person because they are probably a racist rednedneck… you were fooled and you have been fooled by the higher ups of political parties who love to use many a group as their savior complex allows and keeps putting many down and creating fake barriers and putting people down.

    In the dawn of social media and so much truth out there.. it is really sad that folks truly are obliged to political parties as the “non racist one”.. who’s confluence, income and influence is predicated on the purported failures of demographic groups based on melanin or heritage or the purported failure of ethnic groups and melanin content and examples of their past broken systems that have been an installation of slavery through social services… also their “we know better approach.”.

    The folks who have been “about us.” Continue profiting off our hardships. The same folks say look over here… while changing up the cups with a ball hidden under it … worse than a conman on the streets saying “look over here!”.

    Your ethnic heritage, nor your melanin content makes you, your elders or your legacy victims. Victimized through our ancestors who fought does not and isn’t a proper acknowledgement to our predecessors in my opinion. Take a look at these folks in positions of power who like to point out differences in an effort to divide us as United States citizens… and think… are they for US? Or against us unifying, being strong individuals, strong families… supporting our future leaders..? Or is there something more nefarious going on.

    Maybe so… when the higher ups continue to find more ways to divide us further and re-enforce a victim mentality.

    My personal hope is that the kids documented in the Clark county school will be proud that they showed up to school and leave whatever their beef may be at the front door to not , be the news tagline no profits off your discord and politicians get richer and to stop the fighting that’s probably over social media when you all got up early… getting up super early to go to school and then fight is really stupid guys. Please don’t do that.

    Focus on your work, history, civics, science, math and get involved with the cooler things that lift up all of us (including your classmates) who are right there too getting up early with you. And all of us as Americans… we need you to be free thinking guys.. you are our future and not the divisional tactics of political adult groups.

    We need you all to not be influenced and hold tried and true to what America is… including what it has been and what we all want it to be. It’s a bit different than holding up and subscribing to the high payed and powered that want us to be victims and divide us further.

    Elise Carey – Las Vegas, NV

  10. Black people kill and hate each other every day all day but soon as a white person kills a black person they protest and destroy their own city haha fuckin dumb animals

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