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Gunfight in the Middle of the Las Vegas Road: 1 Shot near Charleston and Decatur

While Joe Lombardo diverts hundreds of officers to the Las Vegas Strip to protect the NFL and pretend he is keeping the city safe, chaos reigns supreme throughout the rest of the city.

Las Vegas police are investigating a shooting that happened around 3:56 p.m near the intersection of Charleston and Decatur after two men apparently decided to have a mid-afternoon shootout in the middle of traffic.

Police say one man was found with multiple gunshot wounds near the intersection. The man was taken to University Medical Center Trauma where they died from their wounds.

The other shooter fled the scene and is currently loose somewhere in Las Vegas.

Charleston Blvd and Decatur Blvd, Alpine and Brush, and Decatur and Brush are all closed as homicide units investigate the scene.

When will this end?

Sadly, these type of events are now a daily occurrence in Las Vegas. While the media showcases the NFL draft today, what they aren’t telling you is a bubble has been artificially created around the draft site, to temporarily keep the homeless meth addicts and street gangs away from the national cameras.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve had an off-duty cop killed by a homeless addict, a shooting inside Downtown Grand, a mass shooting at an illegal blacks-only club, a murder inside the Rio, a shooting inside Bally’s, a housekeeper killed at Bally’s, a man beaten almost to death for not wearing a mask inside a Las Vegas storea man stabbed by a homeless man inside the Paris Casino, a man shot 11 times by a homeless addict in Chinatown, and countless assaults inside Casinos and throughout Las Vegas.


  1. Oh boy there you go again guys which is so ridiculous but these comments from teenagers. Dog gone CCSD not encouraging literacy for our future generations who we truly need as our future decision makers when we are older and revert back to that child like state that happens as we return to our origins.

    if we paid attention to the science that even the most lily white person has sub Saharan African. In their genetics.. just cut it out America. One race the human race… for everyone who is mixed up with the confusion and diabolical division of skin tone or heritage. Seriously hope this isn’t the actual opinion of most Americans and humans.

    Just silly and stupid at this point. Las Vegas valley is smarter than this I hope. Regardless of your beliefs we have one common commonality and that is human. Maybe if you have had to receive human blood through blood transfusions to keep you alive there would be a different take… I also hope nobody ever has to go through that.

    There were no labels of politics, skin tone, the man made construct of race, religion or anything other than donated blood from caring human beings that kept me alive. Seriously America and Las Vegas I hope the stupidity is not in your heart and through only giving into the cliques that are strong and make us question ourselves.

    Can we give some thanks and also be thankful to our fellow human beings regardless of your beliefs. We have one another.. as human beings, as neighbors, as souls or organisms on this earth.. and even as we have evolved and can reach outside our atmosphere to look down from spaceships or like we do on any airplane flight and see how tiny we are.

    Grateful woman here. And that’s ok if you aren’t grateful. When it comes down to it.. any humanitarian crisis we aren’t checking voter registration cards on our fellow humans to determine if they should be pulled out of a fire or a roof collapse. It is about saving and supporting our fellow human being.

    Man… come on America.. a lot of us believe in you and US

  2. And think that athletes are passed through the educational system by money hungry coaches and divisions and the education falls by the wayside… and I don’t follow sports at all. ALWAYS follow the money throughout time. The knucklehead youngsters coming in with million dollar deals aren’t listening to their mothers, grandmas or aunties. You’ve not yet received money young athletes in your leased Tesla and nothing has come into fruition yet. And even when it does… you are not invincible and should be held accountable. I don’t follow sports but I do know who the athletes are who we were proud of 30 years ago and our kids wore their jerseys as an inspiration.

    No jerseys recommended right now.

    Any knuckleheads bringing Bay Area or LA nonsense after 1999 to Las Vegas go back and have a conversation with your grandma who probably told you and schooled you on decency.

    Don’t bring your stupidity and recklessness to where I live in the state of Nevada, the county of Clark and the city of Las Vegas at 4401 Charneta Ct. to make that clear.

    Knucklehead moves happen from youngsters who don’t listen to their elders.. or they listen too much to elders who see them as dollar signs and don’t give a darn.

    Bay Area … don’t bring your bullshit any further in your recklessness and as Las Vegas residents we actually could boycott in a different way and not line up or buy season tickets.. especially when politicians we don’t really like and have benefited from huge donations during lockdowns for small businesses, including local nonprofits.

    Voting with your wallet is actually a good thing. Never have had the chance to see the Golden Knights… leave the bs Bay Area out of my little small town who operates as a big city in certain square miles. And stay yourselves off our freeways and streets with you million dollar not paid out deals. Just saying… don’t be problematic regardless of your sponsors. I don’t need a sponsor and I live here and not going anywhere.

    Raiders… meet me outside. If your players can’t lead by example they need to go.

    Elise Carey

  3. Check the crime reports for the last week and notice the spike in home burglaries, battery and auto theft. New digital scanner arrives this week. Can’t wait to hear what the cops or news will never tell us.

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