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Green Door Sex Club Reopens: Must Show COVID Vaccination Proof; Active STDs, Free to Enter!

Green Door

On May 1st, the City of Las Vegas allowed the Green Door Sex Club to reopen to the public, and it just about sums up the stupidity of the world we now live in.

For the record, we don’t give two shits what people do behind closed doors, and have ZERO problem with people going to the Green Door, but we do think the new policies they are operating under are fucking hilarious – pun intended!

In order to enter the Green Door, an establishment that literally caters to people having anonymous sex with groups of strangers, patrons will be required to show proof they are vaccinated or have a negative COVID test.

Now think about this for a minute, you can have full-blown Aids, Herpes, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea and still be allowed to enter – no negative test for any of those STDs is required. But in order to bang it out with a bunch of strangers, you need to show proof you are vaccinated or just tested negative for COVID.

Source: Green Door Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/Greendoorlv1/status/1384951919060393990/photo/1

But it gets even better. While Sisolak and the City of Las Vegas pushed our local business owners into bankruptcy, and demanded that you wear a mask now for over a year, right next to the Green Door another sex establishment has been allowed to operate throughout the so-called pandemic. THEY NEVER CLOSED!

As we documented back in October of last year, right next to the Green Door a Gay Sex club was allowed to operate without any hassle from the city! Apparently, if you belong to the magic letter group (LGBGTQ#@$%RHq#%) Nevada Democrats seem to allow you to do whatever the hell you want!

So if this is all about health and safety and protecting the public — then why are the same people who are pushing for mandatory vaccinations and making businesses require patrons to show COVID vaccination proof and COVID testing proof not doing the same for deadly STDs? Are we expected to believe that COVID is the biggest danger at the Green Door?