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Governor Sisolak Pushing Mandatory Vaccinations for Events, Concerts and Conventions

Steve Sisolak Event Mandate

After today’s press conference where Governor Sisolak announced he is going to push a mandatory vaccination mandate for all college students, our sources informed us that Steve Sisolak is threatening concert venues and convention venues to enact mandatory proof of vaccination for all attendees. That means anyone who wants to go to a concert, a show on the Las Vegas Strip, or attend a business event, seminar, trade show or convention will be FORCED to take the experimental vaccination to live a normal life.

And for those that think this is a conspiracy, the governor CONFIRMED it himself in his press conference today.

After announcing the college campus vaccination mandate his office is currently working on, he admitted that his office is pretty much threatening the events industry to enact these measures themselves, or as he put it “I’m hopeful that they will work with us to accomplish these goals without a government mandate.”

So in other words, it’s coming either way, he is just hoping they do it on their own to protect his ass come election time! We are also told they are looking at enacting mandates similar to the New York City mandate that will ban unvaccinated people from most indoor businesses — they are going to start with entertainment, events and possibly bars and resturants!

 Mass Number of Large Events Ready to Pull Out of Las Vegas FOREVER

Every time this guy talks, restaurants, hotels and upcoming trade shows are instantly hit with mass cancellations. He is literally killing our small business and trade show industry every time he schedules a press conference or releases another idiotic mandate.

We have heard from numerous sources today that a number of large conventions and large rodeo-type events are ready to walk if this mandate goes into effect. We can pretty much guarantee that we will lose most our Rodeo events, SHOT Show, and quite possibly SEMA as all of these events are hearing from attendees and exhibitors that have already pulled out or are threatening to pull out if the mask mandate is still in effect and if the vaccination mandate is enacted.

When will WE THE PEOPLE say enough?

Every time you willingly walk into a store with a mask on your face, you are helping this tyrant push even more oppressive mandates on our state. Until the public says enough, and people stop listening to these unconstitutional mandates this is never going to stop. Remember, these ARE NOT LAWS, you cannot be arrested for going into a grocery store without a mask. The worst thing they can do is ask you to leave!

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