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Governor Lombardo’s Latest Betrayal: Nevada Prisons Forced to Bow Down to Transgender Demands

Governor Joe Lombardo

Governor Joe Lombardo’s latest act of betrayal has once again solidified his term in office as Sisolak 2.0, and as usual, the useful idiots in the  Nevada GOP remain silent in the face of such outrageous policies.

Yesterday, in preparation for mental illness month, or the so-called pride month they are all pushing down our throats, Governor Joe Lombardo yet again sold our voters as he signed SB153 into law, a bill that will force Nevada prison workers to comply with the demands of the alphabet people and provide “gender-affirming health care” and specialized housing for transgender prisoners.

By signing SB153 into law, Lombardo will force correctional officers to undergo cultural competency training, effectively indoctrinating them into accepting these misguided ideologies. Because who cares about punishing criminals if they identify as a unicorn, a 10-gender fairy, or the new black little mermaid? Now they will be given special treatment, and the guards will be forced to degrade themselves and bow down to the whims of weirdos as they attempt to protect the public from these people.

Under this law, Nevada prisons are now burdened with the task of creating regulations and standards for dealing with transgender, gender non-conforming, gender non-binary, and intersex inmates. In addition, correctional staff will be required to undergo “cultural competency” training tailored explicitly to interacting with people who want to pretend and play dress-up in prison.

This means that guards will be forced to cater to the whims of those suffering from mental illness, disregarding their own religious beliefs and values. Furthermore, they will be forced to use language and terminology that align with the ever-changing gender identities of these offenders. The bill demands they use “respectful language and currently accepted terminology” that supposedly protects the rights of transgender, gender non-conforming, gender non-binary, and intersex offenders. Additionally, it prohibits any form of discrimination against these individuals.

Of course, the ACLU loves it, telling the press “All Nevadans, including people who are incarcerated, have a right to access gender-affirming care under the law, and this is a huge step forward for our state.”

It is deeply disturbing to witness the erosion of common sense and the forced acceptance of radical ideologies. This law not only disregards the concerns of correctional officers but it undermines the principles of justice. The rights of law-abiding citizens should not be overshadowed by the demands of a vocal, mentally ill minority.

Once again, Governor Lombardo has failed to prioritize the well-being and safety of the people of Nevada, whom he was elected to serve. Earlier in the week, Lombardo signed SB131, or what I would call the Abortion Tourism Bill, into law. Yet again, the useless morons in the GOP remained silent as he signed a bill that WILL PROTECT traffickers who force their young victims into abortions. 

While responsible states prioritize parental consent and notification laws for abortions, Nevada exposes vulnerable underage girls to potential exploitation with this bill. SB131 effectively turns Nevada into a sanctuary for predators. By disregarding the need for parental involvement, the state sends a dangerous message to child sex traffickers that they can freely transport underage girls across state lines to undergo abortions without facing any legal consequences.

It’s time for the Nevada GOP to get up off their ass, stop pretending to be conservatives, and hold Lombardo accountable.

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