Home Government Governor Joe Lombardo’s Disturbing Betrayal: Nevada Embraces Abortion Tourism

Governor Joe Lombardo’s Disturbing Betrayal: Nevada Embraces Abortion Tourism

Governor Joe Lombardo Embraces Abortion Tourism

We warned that Governor Joe Lombardo was nothing more than a democrat plant, or as we rightfully called him, Sisolak 2.0; today, our warnings were yet again confirmed as the phony conservative signed SB131, or what I would call the Abortion Tourism Bill, into law.

The bill started as an executive order under the Sisolak adminisation, now if is law thanks to Lombardo.

SB131 opens the floodgates for Nevada to become a destination for people seeking abortions nationwide.

SB131 strips healthcare licensing boards of their authority to disqualify dangerous and unqualified abortion providers from practicing in Nevada. Can you believe it? Our state is now rolling out the welcome mat for abortionists who prey on vulnerable women’s well-being. It is appalling that, under the current system, veterinary clinics and nail salons are held to higher safety standards than abortion clinics. What does this say about our values and priorities? What does it say about Governor Joe Lombardo?

Make no mistake, this bill WILL PROTECT traffickers who force their young victims into abortions. Nevada already ranks number one for human trafficking in the country, with many victims being underage girls. Pimps and human traffickers, driven by greed, coerce these innocent kids into abortions to maintain their operations and ensure a steady flow of money.

Unlike many responsible states, Nevada does not require parental consent or notification laws for abortions, leaving underage girls at significant risk of exploitation – this bill now endangers girls nationwide. With SB131, Nevada willingly becomes a safe haven for predators, signaling to child sex traffickers that they can transport underage girls across state lines to obtain abortions without any legal repercussions.

Of course, the sickos at Planned Parenthood are overjoyed at the prospect of Nevada embracing Abortion Tourism, saying “We applaud the Nevada Assembly for voting to pass SB131. Nevada has a long history of supporting abortion rights and access, and it is more important than ever that we continue to uphold this legacy in the face of increasing attacks against the right in our neighboring states and even at the federal level. Protections for our abortion providers and the patients who come to our state seeking care are a vitally important step in acknowledging the present national abortion access landscape and Nevada’s role as a safe haven state.”

Nevada Families for Freedom vehemently opposed the bill saying, “In Nevada there is no parental notification or consent law for abortion. This puts underage girls at risk of abuse because there is no one to advocate for them or protect them. In other states like Utah parental consent is required. These laws protect a child from predators who will force their underage victim to get an abortion to hide their crimes. SB131 eliminates the ability of Nevada to help other states prosecute these predators. This makes Nevada a safe haven for predators like child sex traffickers who will take an underage girl over the border to Nevada to get an abortion.”

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