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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: How Las Vegas has Probably Changed Since your Last Trip

Vegas Strip

If you’re a Las Vegas Local, then you know things can change pretty quickly around here, but if you haven’t hit Las Vegas in a couple of years, you might be shocked by some of the changes.

The Good Changes in Las Vegas over the Last Five Years

Las Vegas Convention Center

The 2008 economic crisis really hit Las Vegas hard, but over the last couple of years there has been a surge in new construction projects, new businesses opening throughout the valley, and many of the problems with the housing market are finally starting to stabilize.

Here are some of the positive changes that have happened:

  • Uber & Lyft Come to Las Vegas: With Uber and Lyft coming to Las Vegas, visitors now have a whole host of options when it comes to getting around the strip.
  • Sahara Becomes SLS: The SLS and the newly opened Lucky Dragon are helping to revitalize the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. There are also a number of construction projects which promise to reshape the North end of Las Vegas Blvd., including Resorts World Las Vegas, a $4 billion, 3,000-room Chinese-themed property that’s set to open in 2019.
  • We are the Convention Capital of the World: Conventions are a growing part of the Las Vegas economy, and over the last couple of year’s major expansions have taken place at both the Sands and the Las Vegas Convention Center. The $1.4 billion Las Vegas Convention Center expansion has already entered its first phase; the historic Riviera Hotel & Casino has been demolished to make way for the Las Vegas Convention Center’s expansion to Las Vegas Boulevard.
  • Downtown Las Vegas is becoming the Place to Be: There are now more reasons than ever to hit up downtown Las Vegas, and as a local, I can tell you you’ll probably have a better time and spend less money than you will on the Strip! Between Downtown’s Fremont East and a number of local bars and pubs that have popped up throughout the Downtown area, Downtown Las Vegas is gaining a reputation for its outstanding food and bar scene.

The Bad Changes in Las Vegas over the Last Five Years

Parking in Las Vegas

The days of comps and being treated like a king are quickly fading as greedy casino operators are choosing to nickel and dime their patrons instead of rewarding them for their loyalty.

Here are some of the things that are starting to Piss Us Off!

  • Even if you do manage to be comped, there is a good chance you could still end up paying $30-$40 in resort fees for your supposedly comped room.
  • Expect to be screwed when you park! On top of resort fees, if you are driving your own vehicle or a rental get ready to pay out the ass for parking! Apparently, $20 drinks at the Casino bar wasn’t profitable enough, so most of the Casinos on the strip got together and decided to start charging exorbitant amounts of money to park at their properties. Expect to pay at least $7 every time you come in and out of a Casino parking lot, and up to $20 to Valet – and that’s not even including the tip!
  • EDM is Everywhere! I’m really not sure why every club in Las Vegas thinks people want to hear this crap, but unfortunately, it’s everywhere. If you’re not a fan of crappy electronic music, then you are going to be hard pressed to find a club that plays anything else!

The Ugly Changes in Las Vegas over the Last Five Years

Bums on the Strip

I won’t get too political, but let’s just say that a lot of people who ruined the neighboring state with never-ending regulations, burdensome taxes, and idiotic laws have decided to move to Nevada and bring their failed policies with them.

  • It’s now legal to smoke marijuana in Las Vegas: While some may argue this is a good thing, the fact is Las Vegas has a huge problem with criminals, bums, degenerates, and drug addicts who have taken over the strip. The same idiots who tried to criminalize smoking cigarettes in the bars, apparently think that everyone walking on the strip want’s to walk through a cloud of marijuana smoke.
  • Pot is legal; Glass bottles not so much! Because our spineless politicians refuse to do anything about the growing criminal element that is taking over the strip, they came up with the brilliant policy of banning glass bottles as a way to prevent violence. So be careful when leaving the Casino with your drink, because while the liquor is legal, carrying the glass bottle you received it in can now cost you up to a fine of $1,000. Not sure how this is going to stop the late night shootings, but hey let’s go after the glass bottles anyways!
  • Bums, Bums & more Bums! While some people want to call them street performers, the fact is Las Vegas has a huge problem with degenerates who have used the court system to force their way onto the strip. On one corner you can have a guy who pays upwards of $5,000 for a small retail stand, only to have some bum panhandling or even selling crap right in front of the poor guy’s business. And what do the Vegas city officials do? They give them special treatment and even allow them to sell their services without a business license!