Home News The Real Fremont Street Experience: Stabbings, Shootings and Homeless Drug Addicts

The Real Fremont Street Experience: Stabbings, Shootings and Homeless Drug Addicts

City of Las Vegas Setting Up Dangerous Confrontations with Homeless Drug Addicts on Fremont Street

Fremont Street Crime, Drugs and Exploitation

Most locals don’t even bother to make their way downtown onto Fremont anymore, because they know the utter shit show and dangers that await them. From government-sponsored child exploitation on full view to meth-smoking drug addicts blowing meth smoke into a crowd of unsuspecting tourists to the bizarre system of government-sponsored circles where they allow mentally ill addicts and dangerous criminals to prey on the public, Fremont Street is not only beyond broken it’s downright dangerous.

Government-Sponsored Exploitation of Children and the Mentally Ill Drug Addicts has created a volatile ticking time bomb!

Back in 2015, the City of Las Vegas and Mayor Carolyn Goodman teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union to pass one of the most bizarre city ordinances we can think of, a system that allows so-called street performers (degenerate homeless bums who scream at people to give them money) to register with the city government to stand in assigned circles throughout Fremont Street.

According to the city, the new ordinance, an amendment to LVMC 11.68, was created to “ease congestion and assure public safety along the busy Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall.” Sadly, it has not only made the situation worse, but it has set up nightly confrontations with violent homeless drug addicts; criminals, and panhandlers who the city not only allows but sponsors to take up these bizarre circles; and small children who are being exploited by their parents and made to perform in the sea of meth and pot smoke.

Local Government Propagandist Scott Roeben, who runs the casino/government-sponsored website Vital Vegas, helped the city push the bizarre program in a series of articles for the Fremont Street Experience. Roebon claimed the ordinance would make the Fremont Street Experience “a safe, enjoyable destination for the millions of people who visit downtown Las Vegas each year.”

In reality, it’s made Fremont Street a dangerous hive of addicts, criminals, and people seeking to exploit children and the mentally ill.

After registering with the city of Las Vegas, where you can do so completely anonymously, drug addicts, pushers, criminals, panhandlers, and parents who force their three-year-old children to perform at 1 AM, are assigned a circle where they can pretend to perform, or as in most cases, harass and assault unsuspecting tourists who accidentally go anywhere near their government-sponsored circle.

In the most bizarre move, which either screams complete incompetence at best or the government trying to provoke violent reactions at the worst, many of these circles are placed either in the line of pedestrian traffic, or even worse, center stage where hundreds of not-so sober tourists stand to watch the nightly free concerts.

Incompetence or designed to provoke confirmations? Why does the city put this right in the center of the crowd? How does this promote tourism and people coming to watch live music? Would you want to stand next to these methheads?

What happens then, is tourists who are here to have a good time, start dancing, have no idea what these circles are, dance into one while trying to enjoy live music, and are quickly assaulted by some screaming drug addict nut case, some of whom come fully armed with weaponry – because you know the Ninja street performer needs to have his city government-sponsored, full-size Katana swords.

City of Las Vegas allowing criminals with swords to roam Fremont Street Experience

Why is the City of Las Vegas Sponsoring Child Exploitation?

There’s a curfew for unaccompanied children under the age of 18, supposedly it runs Friday and Saturday, 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. That curfew is rarely enforced; in fact, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are almost nowhere to be found on Fremont Street – it seems Sheriff Joe Lombardo is too busy running for Governor to be bothered with cleaning up what should be one of our city’s greatest assets.

While the unenforced curfew for unaccompanied minors exists, the City of Las Vegas has no problem allowing three-year-olds to be forced to perform in their Government Sponsored performance circles – often among a sea of pot and meth smoke, just feet away from bars full of drunken revelers.

We have blurred the children’s faces out, just cause the parents want to exploit these kids, we won’t! This picture was takes at 1:30 AM on a Saturday night on Fremont Street. Note this is in the City of Las Vegas sanctioned circle!
City sanctioned Child Abuse? 2AM on a Friday Night, children being exploitered on Fremont Street in their government approved/sponsored circle!
Street Gangs full of teenagers surround child “performers” at 2AM, with no enforcement of the “curfew”. If you were a tourist, would you want to walk by this? Would you tell people to visit?

Drug addicts, bums & fights! Rarely a metro officer in sight!

Fremont Street could be great; in fact, it could be one of the shining jewels of tourism for our city. Sadly, it’s become a place where the lowest common denominator seem to multiply nightly. Instead of being able to enjoy the live music, you have to watch your back at all times or else you could become the latest victim of the City of Las Vegas created shit show!


  1. Look at these disgusting animals .. How can you possibly enjoy yourself around such pond scum? Even money is no protection – you pay hundreds or a thousand for a room on the strip and you’ve got this element in the Casinos and common areas ..

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