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Fremont Street Shooter was 16-Year Old with Prior Felony Charges, Released by Clark County Prosecutors!

Fremont Street

We have learned that the shooter in last week’s Fremont Street shooting was 16-year-old, Ruben Robles. Our sources tell us that Robles was well known to police and was previously charged with multiple felonies. But, unfortunately, like so many criminals in Las Vegas, his charges were dismissed by our useless democrat Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson.

According to a review of court records, the Review-Journal reported that Robles was previously charged as an adult in two earlier incidents. He was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon for a March 2021 robbery, and he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and shooting into an occupied structure for an October shooting.

On the night Robles shot and killed Raymond Renova, and shot another innocent bystander, he should have been in a jail cell. Instead, he was again released on bail by our useless Clark County District Attorney while awaiting sentencing on a separate case. Ruben Robles is now facing one count of murder, attempted murder, and carrying a concealed gun without a permit.

Why does democrat Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson keep letting killers out on the streets?

Lee Wilson

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a felon has been allowed to roam the streets, let out of jail by our POS Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson. As we reported back in May, the mass shooter who shot up an illegal blacks only club in Las Vegas had a shocking 82+ prior arrests and 9 Felonies, but was somehow let out on the streets to commit even more crimes.

Even after being arrested for the brutal mass shooting at the black-only Hookah lounge, 9-time felon Lee Wilson was prosecutors accepted a deal that will see the killer serve only 21 to 54 months in prison — he will then be back out on the streets to kill again.

Fremont Street Experience allowing Minors to Drink, Fight and Assault Tourists

How exactly was a group of teenagers allowed to roam in and out of Fremont Street Casinos at 2 AM? Of course, the Fremont Street Experience, the City of Las Vegas, and the Casinos refuse to answer that question. If they did, they would have to admit that this happens nightly.

This is something we have been warning was going to happen for the last three years. The Fremont Street Experience, the City of Las Vegas, and Fremont Street Casinos are all well aware of the chaos that goes down nightly. From allowing teenagers to drink, do drugs, and assault tourists to the nightly rioting and mob fights, casino owners like Derek Stevens have been more concerned about pushing government-mandated vaccaines on their employees than protecting tourists from the gangs of mentally ill addicts who now roam Fremont Street.

City sanctioned Child Abuse? 2AM on a Friday Night, children being exploitered on Fremont Street in their government approved/sponsored circle!

Last November, we detailed how the city allowed these dangerous confrontations to happen on Fremont Street, even sponsoring child exploitation and meth addicts by allowing them to register with the city government to stand in assigned circles throughout Fremont Street.

After registering with the city of Las Vegas, drug addicts, criminals, panhandlers, and parents who force their three-year-old children to perform at 1 AM, are assigned a circle where they can pretend to perform. As a result, the entire Fremont Street Experience has become a hive of criminal activity and underage debauchery.

Fremont Street IS NOT SAFE!

While the local media is refusing to talk about what’s really happening, refusing to acknowledge that Fremont Street and the Strip have been taken over by street gangs and thugs, the fact is people are being assaulted, robbed and even killed on the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street almost nightly.

Back in April, things started getting so bad on Fremont Street that we even had a drive by shooting near the El Cortez. Late last year we warned our readers that it was no longer safe to frequent Fremont Street, and warned that the City of Las Vegas and Nevada Democrats were purposely setting up deadly situations and allowing child exploitation on Fremont Street.

Since the start of the year, we’ve had several shootouts in the middle of our roads, an off-duty cop killed by a homeless addict, a shooting inside Downtown Grand, a mass shooting at an illegal blacks-only club, a murder inside the Rio, a shooting inside Bally’s, a housekeeper killed at Bally’s, a man beaten almost to death for not wearing a mask inside a Las Vegas storea man stabbed by a homeless man inside the Paris Casino, a man shot 11 times by a homeless addict in Chinatown, and countless assaults inside Casinos and throughout Las Vegas


  1. Never heard about murder outside 4 queens about a year ago. Hookah shooter (9 previous felonies) got 21 months. Wimpy Wolfson is into restorative justice .There was a one punch murder outside a liquor store- never heard anything about that.

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